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Solutions To The Underage Drinking Problem

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Solutions to the Underage Drinking Problem

As more and more innocent lives are taken by accidents involving alcohol, it's no wonder why the drinking age is enforced. Consumption of alcohol doesn't just pertain to drinking and driving but is also involved in teen deaths such as suicide, homicide, and other accidents including drowning. Last year, 224 Texans under the age of 21 died in traffic accidents caused by drunken drivers. How well is it being enforced though? A Gallup Youth Survey taken in May of 2001, found that 51% of teens between the ages of 13-17 said it is pretty easy to get alcohol. They are able to get it from their parents, a person who is of legal age, using a fake ID, or successfully stealing it. Underage drinking has become a serious problem in the United States. Texans under the age of 21 are not just dying in traffic fatalities, but they are also dying from alcohol poisoning. Teens are not drinking ...view middle of the document...

A girl that I have recently met told me that one night of fun changed her life forever. She is only nineteen and already has to deal with the responsibilities of being a mother. Alcohol has an affect on your decisions and can cause you to make mistakes that you may regret. Many teens don?t get a second chance at life and unfortunately this will continue to happen as long as we ignore the importance of underage drinking.

Maybe the only way to make teens realize how serious binge drinking is to make the consequences more sever. In the past four years the number of tickets police have issued to minors for possessing or consuming alcohol has more than doubled, according to the Texas Department of public Safety. A couple of things that can be done when a minor has violated his or her alcohol rights are to make the fines higher. If the fines are higher maybe they will think twice about consuming or possessing alcohol. To go along with the fines should be a standard amount of community service. A lot of teens do not like wasting their time doing work that they won?t get paid for.

Time in jail could also scare some underage drinkers. Not just one night in jail, it has to be an efficient amount of time to actually have an effect on them. In 1999 might need a comma here? 45 percent of traffic fatalities involving teen-agers were alcohol related. When a minor who has consumed alcohol is the cause of an innocent person?s life they should be treated like an adult in the court. If they think they are responsible enough to drink then there should be no reason why they can?t get the same punishment as a person of legal age would get.

Honestly, I don?t think that there will ever be a way to stop or lower the problem of underage drinking. Maybe the only way to lower it is to completely eliminate the law. This way minors won?t see it as such a thrill when they drink and don?t get caught. At first it might take minors by surprise but that thrill will go away and drinking won?t be a big deal to them anymore. Most teen-agers stop excessive drinking when they turn legal age. By this time all the fun that comes with underage drinking is old and they don?t find it exciting anymore.

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