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1093 words - 5 pages

Developing as a Critical Thinker
Piotr Wojciechowski
Lili Melton, Ph.D.

Developing as a Critical Thinker
Assignment Directions

Complete Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this template. Use complete sentences and remember to avoid plagiarism by using correct APA citations when paraphrasing, summarizing, and/or quoting the article, textbook, or any sources.

If you use any source other than the Elder & Paul (1996, Winter) article listed in Part 1, you need a reference page. Please see the Associate Level Writing Handbook for assistance (posted in the Course Materials forum and Materials section of the classroom).

Part 1: A Stage Theory of Critical Thinking

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| 1. Intellectual arrogance2. Rationalization |
Stage Five: The Advanced Thinker | Elder and Paul (1996) recommend that the best way to achieve success is to practice regularly. | 1. Lack of determination2. Self-deception |
Stage Six:The Master Thinker | When this stage is achieved, the critical thinking will become my second nature. Elder and Paul (1996) | 1. Self-deception2. Questioning my own ability to further improve my critical thinking skills. |

Part 2: Personal Stage Assessment
Write a 200 or more word explanation about what stage you believe you are in according to Elder and Paul’s (1996) stage theory of critical thinking. Explain why you placed yourself in this stage.

Use complete paragraph and sentence format meeting Academic Writing Standards. Copying and pasting your response into Grammarly at CWE and revising based on Grammarly suggestions is highly encouraged because a deduction of points for not meeting Academic Writing Standards will occur.

I believe that I am currently at the stage of The Challenged Thinker. The main reason behind that decision is that even though I know that I am able to critically think in many different situations, I definitely lack sufficient intellectual perseverance when dealing with serious issues. I am still working on taking full control over my own thinking process. I also am aware of that I need to find additional motivation to fully commit myself to developing my critical thinking. Even though I am conscious of my own misconceptions and prejudices, I also know that there is much more that I have to discover on in the area of critical thinking. On the positive note I am already able to resist the negative and egocentric thinking that used to bring so much harm to my life. Now I am able to not only admit when I am wrong, but I also acknowledge deficiencies in my critical thinking. I am not quite yet at the level of The Beginning Thinker because I am still working on discovering all of the problematic areas with my critical thinking that I need to work on. As Linda Elder and Richard Paul (1996) mentioned in the article, “Once we recognize the possibilities for development of all our students, and ourselves, and see that there is nothing to prevent that development except our native egocentrism and intellectual bad habits, we will then...

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