Some Unions Feel That The Organization Does Not Compensate Its Members Fairly, Or That The Organizational Working Conditions Are Less Than Desirable. Conversely, Some Employers Feel That Unions Interfere With Management

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Argumentative Paper
An Argumentative Paper is due in Week Five. Below is a list of potential topics. Please see “Graded Writing Assignment Notices” in your Discussion Forum.
This set of topics and the topics on the grading forum have all been tested over time and can be successfully argued from different perspectives. Thus you need to choose a topic where you can see at least two points of view and present both points. You will have your own opinion and need to present that in Part III of your argument. If you feel so strongly about a topic that you cannot see another point of view, avoid ...view middle of the document...

4. Popular websites such as Wikipedia are not considered suitable as academic sources.
5. You are to use the Ashford online library databases for your academic resources.
6. If you do want to use articles from the Web, start with Google Scholar:
Part I: Thesis
Part I is your thesis. Write a short essay (two-to three- pages) taking one side or the other on the issue you select. You want to state very clearly the reasons you are taking the position you take, but you don’t have to defend it thoroughly (that’s what Part III is for).
Part II: Anti-thesis
Part II is the anti-thesis. Write a critical analysis in reply (two-to three- pages) to your essay in Part I by imagining that you oppose what the writer of Part I has stated. Careful reasoning is required. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 3-5 academic/scholarly sources in the formation of this section. Remember that you are playing the “devil’s advocate,” but what every student must realize is that a sound critical thinker can argue any side of an argument because he/she is diligent and flexible in his/her thinking.
Part III: Synthesis
Part III is the synthesis...

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