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Something Not Useful Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Fuller, C. (2004). School starts at home: simple ways to make learning fun. Colorado Springs, CO: Piñon Press.
While using this text, it will help indentify the best way to communicate, teacher or parent, with the student. Whether home school or in school, this text will help with the student. From being more creative, study habits, and the joys of learning. This book will help utilize the importance of communication with a young student. Helping my introduction and thesis statement.

Apel, K., & Masterson, J. J. (2012). Beyond baby talk: from speaking to spelling : a guide to language and literacy development for parents and caregivers (Rev. ed.). New York: ...view middle of the document...

The fact that many things are changing in the 21st century, mainly the way people communicate, certainly effects the way teachers communicate with others. Being, other teachers, parents and even their own students. While explaining different ways teachers communicate with their students, this will be used to discuss the technology used to communicate.

Ballarini, F., Martínez, M., Díaz Perez, M., Moncada, D., & Viola, H. (2013). Memory in Elementary School Children Is Improved by an Unrelated Novel Experience. Plos ONE, 8(6), 1-7. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0066875
While teachers strive to find different teaching techniques to find the best possible way to connect with their students. Finding this memory way is great. This will help communicate with all sorts of students with helping them remember many different materials, communication will grow between the two. This text will be helpful in many ways.

Shiffman, C. (2011). Making It Visible: An Exploration of How Adult Education Participation Informs Parent Involvement in Education for School-Age Children. Adult Basic Education & Literacy Journal, 5(3), 161-170.
For a parent playing such a big role in their child’s live is huge. Impacting that student, their child on many different views in life. Education and policy makers strive to make the communication between teachers, students and their families as strong as they can be. This will help support the thesis on communication for young students.

Haeseler, L....

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