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Sonnet 29 Essay

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William Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 Reflection and Analysis
Ashley Terreforte
Introduction to Literature
Instructor Danielle Slaughter
March 27th, 2013

In this paper I will be explaining why I find William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29 interesting and what about the sonnet that catches my attention. I have always been a big fan of all of Shakespeare’s work only because his writing style and the words he uses to make his point within the play, sonnet, or piece of literature. The way Shakespeare writes I find very interesting and sometimes confuses me but that is what keeps me interested because I am continually learning how to define what it is that Shakespeare is trying to say within his ...view middle of the document...

Another element that really keeps me engaged in the poem Sonnet 29 is the language in which Shakespeare writes not only Sonnet 29 but all of his literature. The language Shakespeare uses in is literature is Old English and sometimes is very confusing to me but that is what keeps me interested because it makes me want to understand the message Shakespeare is trying to convey in his literature and because Old English is very different from the way we speak today it can be sometimes hard to understand and take more time for me to understand. “ Wishing me like to one more rich in hope, Featured like him, like him with friends possessed, Desiring this man's art, and that man's scope, With what I most enjoy contented least,”( W. Shakespeare, lines 5-8). Being that Sonnet 29 is written in Old English I do tend to focus more on understanding what Shakespeare is saying within his literature because sometimes it is hard for me to understand what he is saying. At first glance of lines five through eight I read; He wishes to be rich and enjoy what they have, He wishes to have what that man has friends and skills, What once did bring him enjoyment no longer does. Once I finished Sonnet 29 they message I got out of it was the man in the poem was insecure admiring what the wealthy man has and gets to experience and wishes he could to.
In all of William Shakespeare’s literature whether it be a sonnet or a play he wrote I think what makes them most interesting is the content he chose to use and write about. In every play or sonnet that I...

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