Sony Double Life Analysis

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Sony is a brand that beliefs in creating things which captures consumers’ imaginations and enhancing their lives in the process. Their products such as the PlayStation aim to stimulate people’s senses and refresh their spirits. The Sony PlayStation delivers a message that it helps players achieve their dreams and attain fulfilment in their lives. This message is depicted in the commercial using peripheral cues that appeal to our inner fears, and it can be seen through the following frameworks.
Three Act Story Structure
Situation (Act 1)
The people featured had typical, normal day jobs and lives that were mundane and unfulfilling. The characters in the story recognises a shared humanity ...view middle of the document...

The Conflict: “Predictable and Unfulfilling Life”
This goes against the PlayStation’s values such as to help people escape from the mundanity of life. It hopes to empower its audiences, help them pursue infinite possibilities and take control of their lives. However, the conflict seems to suggest otherwise that people should resign to their fate and dreams are far-fetched ideas.
The Hero: “The Adventurer, The Magician and The Brave Hero”
Being the Adventurer, Sony’s PlayStation challenges the audience to break free from the constraints of daily life, and to bravely explore new grounds to discover new potentials. As the Magician, it gives them control of the game characters’ lives and shows them that dreams can come true as long as one puts their hearts to achieving it. Lastly, the Brave Hero challenges our inner fears of feeling unaccomplished and encourages us to believe in ourselves. By doing so, everyone can realise their potential as a winner and learn to take pride in gaining control of our lives.
The Plot: “The Ugly Duckling”
The PlayStation project faced much difficulty in launching due to the initial collaboration fallout with Nintendo, and...

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