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As a child, I was always intrigued by the working of complex mechanisms and equipment. In school I found myself drawn towards subjects that required in-depth analysis and logical thinking. I was awed by their simple fundamentals which form the governing basis for a lot of machinery. In order to understand these concepts I took part in science fairs and practical workshops. This exposure taught me the importance of simple and practical designs. As an undergraduate student, I had my first rapport with the mechanical field in my first semester with the conventional lathes and the fitting and carpentry workshops in the institute. The first year courses apart from imparting ...view middle of the document...

This course opened up a realm of possibilities in the field of design and analysis which I could never before have imagined. In the next two years, the course Mechanical Design laid the fundamentals required to begin a design. I had an introduction to the different conventional and non-conventional methods and their need in the industry in the course Advanced Manufacturing Techniques. Production and Operations Management highlighted the difficulties involved in translating a design into a functional product. Furthermore, subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Elements of Mechatronics Systems helped me appreciate the power of Mathematics in analysis, while subjects like Computer Integrated Manufacturing helped me gain experience in programming CNC codes and understand the machine’s limitless advantages contrasted against the laborious, though satisfying, manual fabrication. After a balanced undergraduate study, my interest in Mechanical Engineering has deepened and I have been motivated to pursue higher studies. This desire has further been strengthened after the various internships that I have undertaken. The internships have also made me acquire the skills one needs in order to efficiently contribute to a company. My internship at Cook ‘n’ Lite helped me understand how the replacement of old technology and careful management of resources could improve the efficiency to manufacture products. It also gave me commercial awareness i.e. I developed an understanding of what the organization wanted to achieve through its products and services, and how it competed in its marketplace. Being a company with over 400 employees, communication becomes very important. While working at this company, my verbal and listening communication skills were further developed. I learnt

how being clear, concise and focused; being able to tailor your message for the audience and listening to the views of others were very important. My next internship at RMC Readymix Pvt. Ltd. exposed me to the various control systems used in automated operations such as mixing of concrete in the right volumes and filling them in the concrete mixers and also determine causes of malfunction in the systems used if any. I gained an...

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