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Soultions To Underage Drinking Essay

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Amy Eubanks
James Benton
Writing 115
1 December 2014
Solutions to Underage Drinking
Misusing and abusing alcohol has been an ongoing problem amongst teens. Despite efforts to end this problem, nothing seems to be deterring teens from drinking alcohol. This has resulted in harmful effects for themselves and others around them. In Steven Galson’s article, “Preventing and Reducing Underage Drinking,” Galson explains the long term consequences that occur due to underage drinking. In the article “Lots of Kids Drink”, Jan Goehring acknowledges that teens are misusing and abusing alcohol. Even with the amount of programs Fennell and Goehring try to implement, there seems to be nothing that ...view middle of the document...

In addition. Fennell explains, “Ignition lockers placed on all automobiles would reduce drinking and driving among the general population as well as among college students” (Fennell 2).
Goehring is right that when teens begin to drink, it results in uncontrollably bad situations. Alcohol is also linked to suicides, educational difficulties, violence, and sexual activity as presented in Goehring’s article. However Fennell’s article explains the variety of programs such as the KISS program, or Keep it Simple and Safe, that are being used to help get college students to drink responsibly. As one author tries to stop teens from drinking, the other is trying to find a solution to get teens to drink responsibly with a proactive approach.
In other countries it is part of their culture for teens that are between the age of sixteen and eighteen to drink a glass of wine or an alcoholic beverage at the dinner table with their family. Being introduced to alcohol at such a young age, in this manner helps teens in other countries be a lot more responsible than teens who live in the US. Typically, teens in the US drink alcohol to become intoxicated, wanting the effects to create a sense of “good time”, which usually means they drink large amounts of it. However, teens in other countries drink alcohol as part of their meal at dinner, as part of a norm with their families. This is why Fennell makes a good argument as to why it would be beneficial to lower the drinking age, while Goehring doesn’t seem to agree with this idea.
As Goehring explains the many problems that occur due to underage drinking, she discusses many different laws that are being urged that make more of an effort to help prevent the issue. “For example, it urges states to enhance existing laws, including strengthening compliance checks in stores to make sure they follow drinking-age laws” (Goehring 20). From this article, I feel Goehring brings in a lot of information about how dangerous underage drinking is and what we are doing as a whole to help lessen the problem. Fennell also discusses the dangers of underage drinking, but Fennell seems certain it is not going to stop. Instead of being tougher on laws, Fennell brings up particular solutions such as the KISS program to help teens to become more responsible.
Knowing the long term consequences of underage drinking, really opens up my eyes to realize how dangerous drinking is. Galson’s article describes how adolescences’ brains are still developing and how alcohol can affect our growth. “New research indicates that underage alcohol use also cause alterations in the structure and function of the developing brain, which continues to mature into the mid- to- late 20’s, and may have consequences reaching far beyond adolescence” (Galson 3). There are many more different factors that take place with underage drinking including making poor choices that result in risky sexual behavior, academic failure, and possible death. That is why this...

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