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Sound On The Web Essay

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Sound on the Web

Using sound on the internet can greatly benefit and enhance a webpage (Teachernet). Sounds, rather they be background, core content, or music, create mood, theme, and help define the usefulness of the site (Farkas 94).

Sounds can serve as core content. Sound can be used to introduce a site; either by music or a narrated welcome (Farkas 95). Narration can also serve as the content, like this site, or to help the viewer navigate the site and help the user make choices once viewing the site (Teachernet).

Sounds can also be background noises. Rather these sounds be music, sound effects, or narration, background noise can help the user by reinforcing the ...view middle of the document...

By providing sound to accompany graphics, the user is able link a graphic with the context it is presented in. Using sound in this manner would either help explain the graphic or the function of the graphic within the website (Teachernet). If sound is used in a navigational sense, the sound could alert the user as to where to go on the page or what they have already chosen to do. Also, sounds can help explain ideas or teach concepts (Teachernet). Being able to hear a sound instead of just its description is much more effective.

But before you bombard your website with sound, there are some very important things to consider.

Like all issues considered when web writing, you have to consider the audience, context, viewing environment, browser, culture, and purpose of the audience. Good web audio is hard to achieve and usually doing so means using large files (Farkas 96). To ensure that most people have the ability to hear the audio, try to use small files, or compress large ones if necessary. You also want to make sure that the files load quickly and are in formats that are compatible with most users’ needs (Farkas 96). These would include .WAV files or .MP3 files (Teachernet).

Another factor you need to consider is the recording environment itself (Farkas 96). While it is easy to record from you home computer, the room may echo, the sounds may not record well, the volume and other settings may need adjusting, and the background may not be suitable. Also, when doing recording outside, in a large room, or in an auditorium, the environment may not be ideal for recording (Farkas 96).

While all these issues are important, it is very important to note that you have to consider the environment your audio will be viewed in...

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