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Soup For Success Essay

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Soup For Success

In an exclusive interview,Jack Canfield,author of the blockbuster Chicken Soup for the Soul series,reveals the art,science and spirit of success

Vivek Kaul

Time magazine once called him the publishing phenomenon of the decade.J ack Canfield is the originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books,which now has over 225 books in print with a total sales of over 500 million copies worldwide in 47 languages.He is also America's top success coach and a leading expert in creating peak performance for entrepreneurs,corporate leaders,managers,sales professionals,corporate employees,and educators.In this interview,he speaks to CD about ...view middle of the document...

So then they asked him what made him think he could run this race and he said,"I'm a farmer.Once I spent 3 days running nonstop with no sleep rounding up my sheep before a major storm came in,so I think I can do this."They didn't want to let him enter,but finally acquiesced,and when everyone took off they were running fast,but Cliff ran rather
slowly doing what's now been
dubbed the 'Young Shuffle'.But here's the advantage that Cliff had.He didn't know you were supposed to run for 16
hours and sleep
for 8,and repeat that process to the end,so when everyone went to sleep he was so far behind no one was awake to tell him to go to bed,and they were up and gone before he got there.This went on for two days,but on the third day,while everyone was sleeping,Cliff ran by them again,with no one telling him to sleep.He ran non-stop for 5 days and broke the old record by almost 2 days.What this tells us is that the other people believed they had to get that kind of sleep but Cliff didn't have that belief,so he continued on,and was extremely successful because of what he didn't believe as opposed to what everyone else thought was common knowledge.

Any other examples

On a more personal level,when I was in my early twenties and my annual income was $8000,I set a goal to make $100,000 in one year.I had no idea how to do that,but my mentor W.Clement Stone,who was worth $600 million in 1979 said to me,"Right now you make $8000 a year and you don't believe you can do this;however,if you'll choose to believe it's possible,and repeat an affirmation every day like 'I'm happily and joyfully earning,investing and spending $100,000 a year'and spend five minutes a day with your eyes closed visualising living a $100,000 a year lifestyle,your subconscious mind will begin to believe it and it will start coming up with ideas and strategies for making it happen.So,I started exercising the techniques he taught...

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