Source Selection Plan And A Technical Evaluation Plan For The Supersonic Bomber

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ASCM 628 9081 Contract Pricing and Negotiations
Source Selection Plan and a Technical Evaluation Plan for the Supersonic Bomber

Statement of Work

This process is undertaken so as to equip thoroughly the US Department of Air Force to a capacity that can handle an external aggression of any sophistry.
Scope of Work
The work will involve drawing a source selection plan, and then implementing it (Western Power Distribution - Statement of Works, 2016). The Source Selection Evaluation Body will evaluate all the proposals of the prospective offerors and they submit them to the Source Selection Authority for selecting the most ...view middle of the document...

Type of Contract
This will be a single supplier contract.
Payment Schedule
Upon selection of the preferred offeror, the team will invite him or her to an early negotiation to determine if the payment will be upfront or phased.

Source Selection Plan
The purpose of the source selection plan in this soliciting process is to help the soliciting team to plan how the winning offeror will be evaluated and selected (Hommen, & Rolfstam, 2009). The details of the process are as outlined below:
The first step is description of the equipment. The equipment required is a next generation supersonic bomber, a fleet size of 180 aircraft. It must have a maximum supersonic speed of above 5000 nautical miles. The bomber should be optimally manned when carrying out non-nuclear missions. The required total mission duration is between 55 to 100 hours and must be resilient to survive heavy daylight raids in enemy territories. The bomber must be designed to carry thermonuclear bombs, use C4ISTAR, radar technologies, and commercial-off-the-shelf propulsion.
The second step is description of the Source Selection Organization (SSO). The SSO comprises of the following three bodies:
a. Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) - The body’s task is to evaluate the proposals according to the standards provided by RFP and report their findings to SSAC.
b. Source Selection Advisory Council (SSAC) - The council compares the proposals to provide analysis to the SSA.
c. Source Selection Authority (SSA)- he is tasked with the function of selecting the most qualified offeror.
The soliciting team will then conduct pre-solicitation activities. These will include issuing a draft solicitation to the bidders of the contract. Then, pre-solicitation and pre-proposal conferences will be held to establish the requirements for the supersonic bomber to be procured.
The SSO will draw a proposed strategy for acquiring the planes. The details of the plan include determining the type of contract and if the contract award will be single or multiple. The team will then outline the proposed factors and sub-factors that will be used to evaluate the proposals, the priority of the factors and the standards associated with them. The SSO will then outline the methodology that will be used to evaluate the proposals, as well as the proposed innovation techniques. The last part of the plan is the documentation of the milestones achieved in the source selection process between when the proposals were received and when the contract was awarded.
Before rotating to supersonic bomber's basis selection process somewhat must be added about the activity's policy of development maximum opposition in the selection of servicers this must be unspoken in a highly fit sense. For the supersonic bomber, opposition was strictly a capital to a finish. The environment of the crops for which supersonic sought dealers precluded struggle in the classical...

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