Sources Of Financing Essay

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1.1 Sources of Financing

There are basically two types of financing; debt and equity financing. Equity financing means trading a share of ownership ofbusiness for a financial investment in the organization or company. Investment in the equity results in sharing of company’s profit and loss. Equity financing represents permanent investment in an organization and cannot be paid back at later stage. Equity financing is done by the investment throughpersonal savings, life insurance policies, home equity loans, friends and relatives, venture capital, angel investor, government grants, equity offerings, initial public offerings and warrants. Debt financing includes obtaining trusts from ...view middle of the document...

More Implications from Different Financial Sources

Private Investors: With private financial specialists, there will be a legitimate understanding between the purchaser and the vender; nevertheless, some of the time, these understandings are just verbal contracts. The implication of not having a composed legitimate contract between both parties can be a problem when one side neglects to satisfy his or her commitments. The best private financial specialists would not offer cash to agents until they have performed due steadiness on organizations; due persistence is the procedure of checking annual statements, and measuring resources against liabilities.

Other income streams, for example, leasing property or receiving dividend from stock shares can be profitable and beneficial; in any case, these sorts of monetary sources regularly have their good and bad times. For instance, residentsor citizens may leave unexpectedly or run out on the rent; leaving the stockholder withno value to be received for their staring investment.Everymonetary source will have its suggestions, advantages and disadvantages. The way to discovering the right money related source is to look at the benefits and drawbacks and discover the best fit for a specific speculation opportunity, business advances, or other monetary need.

1.3 Source of Financing for Business Project

Friends and family members may be the most tolerant financial specialists. They do not have a tendency to make compromise over home and they even may not charge interest or some extra money for the amount that they are paying. Friends and family members offer more flexible repayment terms. Friends and family are basically investing in the business and they can analyze the market situations and profits that can be generated. They can provide better guidance for the investment to be more profitable and beneficial.


2.1 Ways to Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow of Sajid and Co can be improved...

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