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South Africa Essay

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South Africa
Some things in South Africa are becoming better as we move into the 21st century,
while others are becoming worse. The government in South Africa will become better in
the 21st century. All the provisions of the constitution were in place as of the year 1999.
In June of 1999, President Nelson Mandela’s term ended, and Thabo Mbeki was elected
as president. There was a peaceful change in government, and Mbeki is doing many things
to help the country. Some of these include eliminating hatred between races, ending
poverty, and reducing violent crime. The government is also electing more people of
different races and genders to the National Assembly and the ...view middle of the document...

Health care in South Africa is steadily becoming worse, and probably will continue
to into the 21st century. Each year in South Africa, one and a half million people are
infected with HIV, and it is estimated that about 4.8 million people in South Africa will be
infected by 2005. Another ten thousand die each year because of Tuberculosis. Also, the
infant mortality rate is twice what is normally expected for a country with South Africa’s
income. Not many people have access to doctors or a national health plan. In cities there
is only one doctor for every seven hundred people, and the ratio is even worse in rual
areas. Most whites receive much better health care than blacks, mainly because they are
able to afford private health care. Few people are able to afford private health care
because of the extremely high prices.
The treatment of women in South Africa is worsening. Little attention is given to
the problems of women, even though all people are supposed to be treated equally. Abuse
and rape of women is very...

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