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South Africa Hr Scanning Essay

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Assignment 4-HR Scanning
1. Economic Consideration
a. As of 2012 the labor force size is estimated to be at 17.89 million people. This is actually down from 2010 which was 18.64 million. This is a little more than half the population which it seems that 49.8% is unemployed. But it looks like that employment is starting to climb slowly.
b. South Africa has experienced a solid upward growth over the past year. Employment growth has continuous grown for six consecutive quarters since 2011. The employment levels seem to indicate that women and youth continue to make up the lower end of the levels while men dominate to and make the levels rise.
c. The minimum wages in South Africa compared ...view middle of the document...

2. Cultural Considerations
a. Effects of dominate religion and language on HR practices can bring a unique experience to the workplace. It can create unique strengths and weakness as well as communication issues. This can effect production in positive and negative ways.
b. Being exposed to cultures can help individuals look at things from a different perspective and help to slowly break down the barriers at work that are sometimes but up because of diversity.
c. When it comes to traditions in the workplace in South Africa the laws are very clear on discrimination against employees based on their race, gender, sex, ethnic or social origin, color, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, political opinion, culture, language, marital status or their family responsibility according to the Labor Relations and Employment Equity Acts that are in place. It is therefore widely accepted that an employee’s culture has no place in the workplace since the law makers did not deem it necessary to include specific cultures in legislation.
3. Institutional considerations
a. In South Africa, education is the key to finding a job that pays well, and a matric certificate is simply not enough. This suggests two possible courses of action for policymakers concerned about employment and income inequality. Government has indeed made this a priority, and is investing in higher education. However, a university education is not for everyone, and it’s an...

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