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South Australian Colony Essay

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“The new colony of South Australia faced many problems in its early years and yet by 1850 it seemed to have overcome them”

In 1836, a British fleet sailed to South Australia to begin their new colony. When they arrived in South Australia there were many issues that they faced. These included Surveying, Farming and Transport. There were also things that helped the colony progress such as mining. some things had been attended to straight away and some things had been attended to in the long run.

Surveying was the biggest problem that they had when they first started. Surveying was the process of finding land and considering if it was good enough for use. Delays began almost straight ...view middle of the document...

Overall, farming slightly progressed up to 1850.

Transport was need in the township to help exports, imports and many other things. The first road built from Adelaide to Port Adelaide was created in 1939 (Events, 1998). The road was an average road made from mud and dirt. The roads were not the best of roads as they were made from dirt. The roads in 1842 looked very hard to travel on (Gibbs, 1969, p53). This is because in the photo there are very vague marks in the dirt, which look like the wheels have sunk. In 1846, the roads became muddy and bogged. This made it very difficult to travel on the roads (Gibbs, 1969). In many cases, horses would sink into the mud and die from exhaustion. The transport was also very slow. By 1850, the progression on making the roads better was not a success due to a lack of money.

Mining was not an issue in the colony, but one of the biggest helps to progress the colony. Mining began in 1843 in Kapunda. A farmer looking for his sheep stumbled upon some copper carbonate. One reason that they started up mining was they needed something other than wheat and wool to export. This helped out the farming exports so it did not have to export as much. It also helped surveying a little with more land to be set out specifically for mining. It helped transport the most, because it made the colony slightly richer and helped fix the roads. From the photo on page twelve, it shows...

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