South North Petrol Case Essay

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Summary :
* Industry presentation: It really worth it to invest in Oil& Gas Company?
* Industry characterized by substantial volatility
* Marketing activities provide some stability
* Offshore activities entail greater risk and need more capital than onshore
* Industry average rating : BBB to BBB h (DBRS)
* Growing demand from emerging countries provides support
* Technology advancement continues to help
* Industry dependent on demand & supply
* Rising refining capacity + sluggish demand = very competitive conditions
* Volatility offset by capital structure and financial risk management
* Refining and marketing ...view middle of the document...

South Petrol | (6 917 517) | (8 875 030) | (7 506 836) |
North Petrol | (6 330 000) | (5 888 000) | (6 240 000) |
Working capital need (as % of sales) |   |   |   |
South Petrol | (6,0%) | (10,0%) | (11,0%) |
North Petrol | (1,6%) | (1,6%) | (1,7%) |

* Liquidity (“Is the business liquid in the short term?”)
1,17 | 0,90 | 1,14 |   | Current Ratio (working capital) = current assets/currents abilities |   | 1,47 | 1,55 | 1,58 |
0,72 | 0,48 | 0,74 |   | Quick Ratio (Acid Test) = (currents assets - liabilities) / current liabilities |   | 1,28 | 1,33 | 1,38 |
0,42 | 0,29 | 0,54 |   | Cash Ratio = (cash + marketable decurities) / current liabilities |   | 0,58 | 0,67 | 0,72 |
25,65 | 17,97 | 19,56 |   | Average collection period = (receivables * 365) / sales |   | 32,89 | 27,97 | 27,06 |
####### | 159,18 | 212,01 |   | Average payment period = (payable * 365) / (purchases and services) |   | 87,29 | 80,24 | 76,03 |
4,35 | 4,35 | 3,43 |   | Inventory turnover = cost of sales/inventories |   | 21,09 | 20,00 | 22,94 |

* Stability  “Is the business financially stable in the long term?”
0,27 | 0,33 | 0,34 | | debt ratio = total debt / total assets | | 0,50 | 0,48 | 0,47 |
0,37 | 0,49 | 0,52 | | debt to equity ratio = liabilities / Equities | | 0,99 | 0,92 | 0,87 |
| | debt to tangible networth = debt / (equities - intangible assets) | | |
0,05 | 0,06 | 0,09 | | long term debt to equity ratio = long term debt / equity | | 0,18 | 0,06 | 0,06 |
| | interest coverage ratio = EBIT / interest expenses | | |
28513510 | 25946783 | 25220980 | | EBIT = earning before interest and taxe | | 70874 | 68056 | 59928...

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