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Southwest Airlines: The Melding Of Values, Communication, And Culture

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Southwest Airlines: The Melding of Values, Communication, and Culture

Southwest Airlines: The Melding of Values, Communication, and Culture
Southwest Airlines states their mission as, “The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit” (Southwest Airlines, “Mission”, 2012, para.1). Along with a work environment that is stable with ongoing learning for employees, the company's values espouse to provide the same treatment to their employees as they expect their employees to provide for their customers (Southwest Airlines, “Mission”, 2012, ...view middle of the document...

Apparently a significant part of the airline's continued success that differentiates them from other U.S. Airlines is the effort they put into making sure they are enacting the combining of espoused and enacted values to enhance the most important aspect for their production, which is the communication they continually encourage from top tier managers to the representatives at the front lines (Kelley, 2001, para.1). Because of the challenges a constantly changing sector presents, the company must maintain a high level of communication to ensure the success of new implementations for the coordinating across functional areas (Kelley, 2001, para.6).
Individuals perceive the environment they work in differently. Robbins and Judge (2011, Ch.6) note that the factors of perception lie in what is being perceived, the perceiver, and the situation. Perceptions within an organization are inherently tied to the organization's culture. After all, culture in itself is the manifestation of a set of perceptions. When a misalignment between espoused values and enacted values occurs, perceptions within the organization have no other path than diffusion as opposed to alignment.
The first impression of the culture of an organization is the values that the corporation states they adhere to. If the organization follows these values, then cohesion is created between the perceivers because of an observable and stated set of beliefs which defines the culture. However, when consistency is not maintained between what is stated and enacted, perceivers become confused about the environment they exist in. This confusion and lack of commonality has the ultimate effect of taking away the dependency on the corporate value system leaving the actual...

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