Southwest Border Counter Narcotic Strategy Essay

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22 March, 2014
Key Assignment

Throughout this assignment, I will be developing an issue that is currently arising with the Southwest Border and address the background, key stakeholder positions, facts and assumptions, the course of action’s that have been considered, the findings, and my recommendations.

Key Assignment
For many years there have been major issues arising with the Southwest Border (SWB). Major terrorist and criminal organizations are constantly bringing in drugs, narcotics, and even weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s). How do we prevent these organizations from crossing the United States Border? A closer look at this ...view middle of the document...

The assumptions are that there would be more capable functioning information sharing if we were to correlate more effective foreign policy efforts within the SWB, in order to place a local Fusion Center in Mexico. The fact is that this is true. By establishing more effective foreign policy efforts and obtaining a security realm that is consistent in both; the United States and Mexico, you would be able to track not only domestic and international terrorist, but also terrorist who attempt to come into the United States by crossing the SWB.
The Course of Action (COA) for this is very extreme. The following is a guideline in which is a chain of events that would have to happen in order for this to take place;
* New business and policy proposal must be conducted
* Policy must be approved
* Funding must be approved by Capitol Hill
* President may decide to either approve, or Veto the Bill
This is only the foundation for this COA. This does not include the foreign policy implementations or contracting that would have to be done to do this type of major COA. Findings will show that there is only one Fusion Center located on the SWB. This Fusion Center manages hundreds of thousands worth of terabyte sharing capabilities. With multiple Fusion Centers located at the SWB, and another located in Mexico, we may be able to slow down terroristic threats,...

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