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Sovereign Rights Essay

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Theory -when a wave enters a medium which it moves more slowly, it's wavelength decreases. -when a wave travels from deep water to shallow water in such a way that it meets the boundary between the two depths straight on, no change in direction occurs.-if it meets the boundary at an angle however, the direction of travel does occur. This is called refraction. -wave rays are used to describe refraction. -Normal is aline drawn at right angles to a boundary at the point where an incident wave ray strikes the boundary. -The angle formed by a reflected wave ray and the normal is called the angle of refraction. -when a wave travels at an angle into a ...view middle of the document...

This is not always the case however. -the amount of bending and hence the index of refraction, is affected slightly by the frequency of the wave. -We can conclude that, since the index of refraction represents a ration of speeds in two media's, the speed of the waves in at least one of these media must depend on their frequency. -Such a medium, in which the speed of the waves depend on the frequency, is called a dispersive medium.-When a refraction occurs, some of the energy is usually reflected as well as refracted.-The amount of reflection is more noticeable when a wave travels from shallow to deep water, where the speed increases and it becomes more pronounced as the angle of incidence increases.-An incident angle is reached where the wave is retracted at an angle approaching 90 degrees. -After that, there is no refraction and all the wave energy is reflected.Conclusion When a wave enters a medium in which it's speed decreases, it's wavelength decreases as well. No change of wave direction occurs when a wave travels from deep water into shallow water as it meets the boundary in between the two. As a wave travels at an angle into a medium in which its speed decreases, the refracted wave ray is bent towards the normal. However , when a wave travels into a medium in which it's speed increases, the refracted wave ray is bent away from the normal. The frequency of a wave does not change when it's velocity changes. The frequency of the wave slightly affects the amount of bending of refraction.

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