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Space Exploration Essay

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Shanel Sun

English Composition I (ENC 1101)
Mrs. H. N. S. Jayaweera

Government funds should be spent on space exploration
Why do governments spend millions of dollars each year on space exploration when there are issues on earth those need to be addresses? Shouldn’t the government worry about crime, Poverty, National debt, Terrorism, the economy and the environment instead of outer space? What about the lives of astronauts that is at sake? What is the value of time and energy wasted on space crafts that end up crashing or becoming space junk? What about the damage caused to the Ozone layer? Even though these questions are ...view middle of the document...

Not only that, space exploration has blessed the modern communication sector. Long distance communication, wireless communication, lives TV broadcast, mobile phones, internet are all available as a result of space research. Due to space exploration lives have become more sophisticated, efficient and hassle free.
Space exploration not only contributed for many inventions, it has paved the way for accurate environmental predictions that are beneficial for mankind in many ways. To start off, weather forecast is highly accurate due to the satellites put up in space. Gone are the days when people used to carry an umbrella if there were black clouds in the sky. Now they can rely on weather reports which are updated in an hourly basis. Moreover natural calamities such as floods, storms, hurricanes, wildfires can be predicted and governments can act cautiously in order to minimize the damage caused by them. Also satellites help in agriculture and mining. They are capable of predicting quantum of agriculture yields, information regarding infestation by pests of various kinds and a complete geographical analysis of the area that is to be cultivated. Such geographical analysis helps in identifying the minerals and metal ores that are buried in the depth if the earth. Best of all is the ability to understand the path of asteroids. Governments can be vigilant about drifts of thousands if asteroids. It is believed that an asteroid strike eliminated the dinosaurs on earth. With more research, scientists would be able to prevent “dinosaurian death of mankind” if and when an asteroid is positioned to repeat history. Life on earth is safe and up to date due to the space research.
Funding on space exploration is necessary for accurate predictions but it is more important to utilize funding potential to increase our stock of resources here on earth due to many reasons. First of all, overcrowding has resulted in a decrease of natural resources on earth. It is known that only less than a fraction of water available on earth is consumable, likewise many resources on earth are lessening. As a result of this, governments may have to seek for resources to suit the needs of the Earth’s population from other planets such as Mars. Also as a result of pollution and drastic climate change, governments may have to confer regarding the suitability of living on Earth in the future. Voyagers such as Mars Probe continue to seek for planets suitable for living. Finally, humans should not rely solely on Earth for their long-term future. The potential damage done by an asteroid or comet...

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