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Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Essay

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Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster happened on February 1st, 2003, which broke on the way back to the Earth. All the astronauts, including two women died in this disaster. The reason why this disaster happened was a piece of foam insulation broke off from the Space Shuttle external tank which damaged the left wing of the shuttle. Even though some engineers of NASA had doubted that the left wing of shuttle had been damaged, the administration staffs restricted to do advanced research.
The engineers of NASA found that the foam shedding and debris strikes could not be avoided and solved, even though the previous design of space shuttle required that the ...view middle of the document...

Ignore the Concurrent Control
In addition, the administrators of NASA prevented the engineers working on the potential risk of the shuttle which happened when it had been launched. It is imaginable for administrators to protect some benefits of whole situation, however, comparing with the seven astronauts’ life, there was no doubt that NASA should work on the potential risk and find out the solution as soon as possible in order to minimize the loss of the mission. In the video record of Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, some engineers of NASA pointed out that if they could find the potential threaten of the shuttle, they might find out the way to deal with the dangerous.
Moreover, according to the record of the shuttle Columbia, the wing leading-edge temperatures to rise steadily, reaching an estimated 2,500 °F on the way back to the Earth. This was the abnormal data that ought to be realized. However, NASA did not pay their attention on it. What’s worse, Wayne Hale, the former Space Shuttle Program Manager, explained it as the normal situation. Obviously, this was the control failure that the NASA might have. Undoubtedly, the abnormal data of the project is the alert to the operation of the project. What the administrators have to do is pay more attention on those unusual changes. Nevertheless, NASA ignored them and this disaster happened.
Besides, the...

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