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The framework of Spain Political System is funded by the Constitution of 1978. Spain was established as a Social and Democratic State where the national sovereignty relies in the Spanish People as the powers emanate from them. Spain has a Parliamentary Monarchy form of government with a social representative, democratic, constitutional monarchy in which the Monarch is the head of state and the Prime Minister (with an official title of "President of the Government”) is the head of government.
Executive power is exercised by "The Government", which is integrated by the Prime Minister, the deputy prime ministers, and other ministers, which collectively form the ...view middle of the document...

Members of the Congress of Deputies are selected through proportional representation, and the Executive Government is to be formed by the party or coalition that has the confidence of the Congress, usually the party with the largest number of seats. Since the Spanish transition to democracy, there have not been coalition governments; when a party has failed to obtain absolute majority, minority governments have been formed.

The ruling party is the SPANISH SOCIALIST WORKERS' PARTY (PSOE) which has 169 deputies in Congress and 105 senators. The main opposition party is the Popular Party (PP) with 153 deputies and 123 senators.

The State is divided into towns, provinces and autonomous communities. Under the Spanish Constitution, approved by Parliament in 1978, each autonomous community has its own basic institutional Statutes which are recognized and protected by the State as an integral part of its set of laws. Regional government functions under a system known as "the State of Autonomies", a highly decentralized system of territorial administration based on asymmetrical devolution to the "nationalities and regions" that constitute the nation, and in which the nation, via the central government, retains full sovereignty. The Spanish territory is divided into 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities. The form of government of each autonomous community and autonomous city is also based on a parliamentary system, in which the executive power is vested on a "president" and a Council of Ministers elected by and responsible to a unicameral legislative assembly.

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