Spanish, One Of The Most Important Courses

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College is a huge step and an important part of life. Students are anxious and nervous about starting college. They are leaving their comfort zone and will soon experience the life of a college student. College courses are structured to prepare students for what their futures hold. Spanish is a college course that should be required in every student’s curriculum for many reasons; like the employment opportunities one can choose from are enormous; traveling to different countries can open up many abroad opportunities, and students will be able to communicate with millions of people who speak Spanish. Students will also have a better understanding of different Spanish speaking cultures. ...view middle of the document...

This type of interpretation work is done in person and often involves confidential or sensitive patient medical information. (Rogers, par. 4)
Most companies usually pay more for bi-lingual employees because they know they will also be able to communicate faster with others who speak Spanish. A number of international bodies that hold meetings and conferences with participants from a number of different countries like the United Nations, European Union, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Organization of American States, as well as international economic conferences, rely on Spanish conference interpreters to facilitate these international meetings for their Spanish-speaking participants (Rogers, par. 2). For example, conferences like World Economic Forum and political meetings, such as the G-20 summits, need Spanish Interrupters (Rogers, par. 2).
Another sector of job opportunities is in the educational field. Since Spanish is the secondary language in our country, many teachers and administrative staff will continue to find employment. Since our culture is becoming so diverse, Spanish speakers can even find themselves working in the government sectors. Lawyers and city and state officials will find several positions available to them within their communities. Customer service and call centers currently advertise for bi-lingual employees. With the knowledge of Spanish language, endless possibilities arise across this country and abroad. Spanish speakers increase their marketability, as well as giving themselves a much better chance of job security. The article also discusses that Spanish legal interpreters are needed in the United States when Spanish speakers, who are not fluent in English, are involved with the legal system as defendants, witnesses, or in other capacities (Rogers, par. 4). Law offices may employ Spanish interpreters to communicate with clients or witnesses, and courts may employ Spanish interpreters to interpret a person’s testimony in court cases (Rogers, par. 4).
Understanding Spanish and speaking this language, allows us to travel abroad and experience different cultures. Traveling and vacationing are usually made within the confines of towns and cities where people can communicate with each other and speak to their citizens. Students of any age can now live in other countries to further their studies. This is a fabulous opportunity to expand a student’s knowledge and help them grow as individuals. The possibilities are endless as to where we can now travel. Mexico, South America and Peru are a few places to name a few. We can experience their way of living and see sights we would not have been able to see before. Traveling to these far off lands will be an adventure and expose us to territories we have read about. People can now have the ability to experience authentic foods and taste the flavors of their meals and beverages. Since people can speak their native language now, they can save money by...

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