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Spank Child Help Essay

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The Argument For Spanking Vs. Not Spanking Your Child

The Argument For Spanking Vs. Not Spanking Your Child
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The idea of corporal punishment for children can cause heated debates between its advocates and opponents. Here are some arguements that are used by both sides.

One of the biggest controversies when it comes to raising a child is whether or not to use corporal punishment, or spanking, ...view middle of the document...

*Advocates of corporal punishment may argue that their children are more behaved than those children whose parents do not believe in spanking. These people feel that "talking" through a child's discipline issues can only go so far and that spanking (used as a last resort) drives a point home for the child, for it is something they will never forget.

*Nowadays, a teacher cannot even hug or touch her students without the possibility of a lawsuit. In recent years, corporal punishment has been outlawed from schools; many spanking advocates feel that this is directly related to the increase in discipline problems and violence on school campuses.

Opponents of Corporal Punishment

*Many opponents feel that spanking indicates a loss of control on the parent's part. Spanking is often looked at as a violent form of discipline that is never necessary to control a child.

*Some feel that spanking or corporal punishment can often lead to child abuse. It is felt that if a parent spanks their child once, it will be easier to do it again and again for any discipline problem, no matter how mild or severe.

*Opponents believe that children can lose self-esteem by being spanked as a form of punishment. Parents who refuse to spank feel that doing so is a humiliating way (for the child) to teach the difference between right and wrong.

*There is a feeling that children who are spanked in order to be disciplined never learn the true difference between right and wrong. It is speculated that instead of learning that it is "good" to act a certain way, a child will merely avoid those situations or...

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