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Spanking Is Not Okay Essay

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Spare the Rod, Raise a Child
Corporal punishment has gained much attention from lawmakers and government leaders. Since the late 1970’s, there have been many studies conducted have concluded that there are many negative effects from the outcome of a parent spanking his child. There have been many people who have attempted to get physical punishments outlawed, and in some cities, they have been successful. In other areas, it is up to the parent or guardian of the child to choose how they would like to deliver the punishment. The topic of spanking seems to arouse strong opinions on both sides of the topic. While some parents believe that they must resort to violence, in order to send the ...view middle of the document...

Parents think that spanking is the most effective way to discipline a child because the child does not want to be hit for behaving the way they did that got them punished. The usual argument for supporters of spanking is that as children, the parents were punished by spanking, and their outcome was not defective. Some also argue that children are too young to communicate with, and therefore, they must get a slap on the buttocks in order for them to understand that the behavior is not wanted. (Since that is the only communication available). Although the general population that has been spanked does not appear to be devastatingly impacted by the punishments of their youth, there is still are a high percentage of parents that hit their children, like they were as children. “Although most moms who answered our survey – 81 percent – were spanked as children, only 49 percent say they use this method in disciplining their own kids. Put another way, today's moms are 39 percent less likely to use spanking than their parents” (BabyCenter). Based on this survey conducted by BabyCenter, half of moms that were spanked as children are continuing to use that form of punishment. This supports the theory that children will learn the behavior of hitting, and they are more likely to apply these methods to their own children.
Spanking should not be confused with abuse. Many people that are anti-spanking will misinterpret information and over generalized information to fit their arguments. Spanking, in the intentions of this essay, will be minimal violence. Corporal punishment is when physical force is used as a form of punishment, in an attempt to change a behavior, and not to bring on injury. There are some extreme cases of spanking that has resulted in death of a child, but most children who are spanked do not have this outcome. Spanking a child can still lead to injury though, even if it isn’t vicious or pre-meditated. As a parent, you are taking that chance once you use physical force on a child. Children are smaller and therefore have less strength than an adult, which means you can’t handle as much force. In studies that have been conducted, results have shown that it is more likely that an abusive parent will take their aggression out on his child. If a person is already in an irate mood, then they are looking to take their aggressions out, so if the parent is already slightly annoyed, then the chances of the child getting those aggressions are at a fair chance. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have conducted a study that has shown that families that have low annual income and have less education and have a high chance of developing depression have a higher reporting of spanking their child (Lallanilla). This shows that the more stressed out parents are, whether it be for mental or for economic reasons, the children are more likely going to be getting the short-end of the stick. It was researched where parents get...

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