Special Needs Essay

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Special Needs.

People with disabilities? Or disabled people? There are ongoing and unresolved debates about ways to talk about disability. “Defining disability is a difficult task. A multitude of perceptions surrounds the question of what constitutes a disability, and a disability to one person can be a typical part of life to the next.”(Jingwen’s article) We are aware of arguments made by some of the activist movement that “disability” is not only such a primary but such a valued aspect of identity(also of social perception).From this point of view ”disabled” doesn’t signify “damaged” identity.

Brief concept of Socio-Historical Context of Disability in Canada.
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The common position of these organizations was that the dignity of disabled people must be recognized and that full participation in the socio-economic and cultural benefits of its citizenry was a basic human right rather than abstract concept. These historical norms have had a profound impact in denying autonomy, choices and equality to persons with a disability. They have experienced institutionalization, poverty and subordination with its effects still seen today in a modern society.(sociopolitical theory)
“According to Human Rights Codes in Canadian jurisdictions, preservation of personal dignity is central to the promotion and maintenance of freedom and equality for Canadian citizens.”It is through the exercise of freedom and equality individuals are enabled to create themselves as independent citizens and are able to participate as full members of a society. That is the major direction of the modern sociopolitical model. However, problems arise along every aspect of this model: economical, sociological, recreational and educational movements such as (mainstream empowerment).
Government Policies: Independent Living Model(my article)
Community care supports and funding for self-directed care have made institutionalized living a thing of the past for most people with disabilities. The shift in policy has not always been accompanied by a shift in practice, with adequate resources invested in communities to provide the requisite social supports. “Recent studies have indicated that 25 to 45 percent of people with disabilities experience depression while they live independently, while other studies suggest that a considerable percentage of them have a personality disorders.”(from the article).In the mid-1990s the federal government withdrew from cost sharing with the provinces the provision of core social services and social assistance across the country. Large numbers of people with disabilities are not receiving the essential services they require because of costs, lack of availability and inaccessible environments. Many Canadians with disabilities and their families continue to experience daily...

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