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Split Personality In Past And Today

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Split personality in past and today

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is science fiction novel about split personality in human’s inner side. In this novel, Dr. Jekyll is scientist and doctor who interested in separating human’s mind. He finally successes separating human’s evil side and good side but, he can’t control his evil side. He anguishes how to remedy mistakes; eventually he kills himself because of fear to his evil side, Hyde. It was very shocking story in that days, it influences many movies and books today. One of those is Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk. But, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Incredible Hulk are different many things especially characters.
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The last thing is end of the character. Jekyll suffers with guilty because what Hyde, the other side of him, did. Finally he kills himself because he can’t put up with guilty. Bruce worried that his power not also can save people, but also can harm to people. He fears that, so he decides to live secluded life.
There are difference between Hyde and hulk, too. Hyde is pure evil so he harms peoples and even kills peoples; he is villain. Hulk is aggressive too, but hulk is somewhat controlled by Bruce. So he uses his power to save people and defeat bad guys; he is hero. Hyde tempts Jekyll to transform him constantly for come out to surface of Jekyll and finally rule his body. But hulk doesn’t do any temptation at all. Hyde is focused on evil instinct when he transforms, but hulk is focused on anger when he transform.
The last is difference between two literatures female character. Emma, Jekyll’s fiancée, doesn’t know Hyde is another part of Jekyll. She finally knows that truth in the end of the story. In hulk, Betty knows that hulk is Bruce from the beginning. Emma is upper class’s daughter in England, so she doesn’t have any knowledge about Jekyll’s experiment. Betty is scientist like Bruce, so she have some knowledge about situation and symptom. Emma doesn’t know about relationship between Jekyll and Hyde, she couldn’t give any help to Jekyll. But Betty gives many information and help to Bruce.
There is something in common with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Incredible Hulk, but there is much more difference between them. The main idea of story is similar, but the detail of the story and character is quite different. As time is past, same concept can be constructed as different. It reflect society and culture of that time.

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