Sport And Fitness Essay

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|Qualification: STL 3 |Date |Duration. of session: |
|Learner: |Assessor: Tina .Manuel |

|Planning |
|Armando, thanks you for getting in touch as we have now reinstated you to your your Level apprenticeship in STLS, you have a funding end date of April |
|2016 and have agreed to ...view middle of the document...

|This is a knowledge based unit so requires no assessor observation .You will need to research the subject. When covering outcomes please ensure that |
|you link theory to your own work practice and experiences giving examples from your own experiences at work. Don’t forget you will need to display your|
|level of knowledge and understanding of legislations surrounding communication, confidentiality and Data protection. To be completed and emailed to me|
|by 14/01/16 |
| |
|Unit 6 schools as organisations. |
|This is a knowledge based unit so requires intensive research into types of schools and the roles and responsibilities of Staff and outside agencies, |
|you will need to look at legislation policy and procedures as well as individual school ethos values and aims, you will need to describe the values and|
|aims of your work placement, showing your knowledge of school policy and procures and how and why they are implemented. To be completed and emailed to |
|me by 21/01/16 |
| |
| |
|Unit 10 Understand child and young person development. |
|This is a knowledge based unit so requires no assessor observation .You will need to research the subject remember to include development form birth to|
|19 ,in order to fully demonstrate this unit you will need to demonstrate your extensive knowledge on theories of children’s development as well as how |
|disability may affect this. You will need to provide work products showing how to monitor development using different methods. To be completed and |
|emailed to me by 28 /01/16 |
| |
|Unit 11 Understand how to safeguard the Wellbeing of children and young people. ...

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