Sports And Money Essay

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Fatawu Mahama
English H101
Prof. Kathleen Brady
14th November 2013

Sports Now a Business
Sports is now a money making business in the human culture. In the United States, Every day millions of office and break time conversations center on the local team’s most recent performance, an upcoming game, the impending draft, the current coach, the future coach, and so on. according to the existing records, in United States of America, there are less than 110 Teams of the 4 main organized professional sports, basketball, baseball, hockey, and, football participating in the main League level fixtures ...view middle of the document...

Most Sports professionals take the advantage of the popularity they obtained from sports to serve as an alternate way of making money, like signing their names on sports apparels, advertising company’s products like Samsung, Nokia, Nike, just a few. Professionals making use of all this advantages get compensations from the companies involve.
Sports has now been taken to the next level where coaches strive for big salaries and more profitable professional teams. The Division I-A Athletic Directors Association conducts its own annual salaries survey, including the 1999 tally that found five million-dollar coaches, the study reveals that, the highest paid coach presently is Nick Saban of the University of Alabama, whose contract was extended until January 18th 2018 with a compensation of $5,650,000. The next is Mack Brown of Texas who makes $5,400,000, followed by Bob Stoops of Oklahoma with a compensation of $4,600,000. Florida's Urban Meyer will pocket $37,500 for getting the Gators to next month's Southeastern Conference championship game; he will effectively get another $137,500 if the Gators win it and thus qualify for a Bowl Championship Series game, $50,000 more if they get to the BCS national title game and an additional $100,000 more if they win that. Maryland's Ralph Friedgen receives $50,000 in any year in which he, his players or coaches essentially behave themselves, if there are no violations of University student conduct or academic rules that result in action by the school's office of judicial programs; no arrests, indictments or convictions for "any criminal or suspected criminal conduct"; and "no neglect or willful conduct" that the athletics director deems a violation of NCAA rules. Central Florida's George O'Leary has a virtually identical provision also worth a potential $50,000 annually. Texas' Brown gets $20,000 if the football team's graduation rate is at least 50 -54 percent (the Division I-A average is 66 percent) and rises to $100,000 at 75 percent. Cincinnati, Florida State and Louisville also give their coaches a bonus at 50 percent. Overall salary packages are the biggest in college football's six biggest, richest conferences--the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pacific-10 and SEC. There, excluding bonuses, USA TODAY found the average coach's salary is $1.4 million. That's more than three times the average of $419,000 in the middle- to lower-echelon Conference USA, Mountain West, Western Athletic, Mid-American and Sun Belt. This is an empirical evidence that coaches now make millions in sports, both in professional sports and college sports.
Sports has become a monetary attracting tool to schools involve in sports. Colleges involved in sports make huge sums of money from it, allowing them to extend their developmental infrastructures which attract government, private cooperation’s compensations and at a long run influence the admissions status of such schools. The University of Connecticut has...

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