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Sports Fans Of The World Essay

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Just as societies in many nations differ from one another the same is true when the issue of sports fans is being discussed. In this paper I will speak about the differences and similarities of various sports fans both in America and across the world and explain the nature of sports fandom and what being a sports fan entails. In addition to this I will speak about the infamous violence fans have been a part of sports such as the “Malice at the Palace”. Also I will speak about how college sports fans and professional sports fans differ even though they are still in the same country. Although my subject itself does have any overt religious significance there are certain social significances of ...view middle of the document...

After high school of course is usually where the careers of most athletes is over and these are where most sports fans become the crazy fanatics that some people hate but others love. In addition to this since so many these former athletes go on to attend large colleges for something other than sports they all have the extra time to attend their particular university’s sporting events. During these times are where the first college sports fans are born and they happen to be some of the most wild and passion filled fans you will find.
All the way from the bayous of the Louisiana State Tigers to shores of the University of California at Santa Barbara Gauchos college football fans have their own traditions that just incite a feeling that just can’t be duplicated. For instance, one famous tradition that is known nationwide to be one of the most energizing experiences is that of the Florida State Seminoles. What occurs in this pre-game ritual is the mascot of the university, which is someone of Seminole descent dressed in traditional attire, comes out of on a white horse. The mascot proceeds out of the tunnel with a flaming bow while the entire crowd (which sometimes exceeds 80,000 people) begins to chant a traditional Seminole chant. As this begins the football team begins to rush out of the tunnel and the chants increase in volume. After this occurs the Seminole’s mascot rides on his horse to the center of the field and drops his flaming arrow and the crowd erupts.
Another collegiate sport which also has a multitude traditions is college basketball. Although many people attend college basketball it isn’t nearly as close to as many people as college football. Even though this is true college basketball fans show just as much passion for their teams. In fact a just as interesting but not as well-known tradition occurs at John Brown University. Every year in the first game of the season they play in a game known as the “Tepee Game”. In this game after the first point of the season is scored hundreds of fans begin flooding the court with massive amounts of toilet paper. This has been tradition has been a staple for the school ever since 1984 and in these so called “Teepee Games” they have won the last 23 of 24 games.
Even though many people enjoy college sports the argument could be made that even more people enjoy professional sports. Although professional sports fans aren’t as notorious for the crazy endeavors college sports they are just as enthusiastic as their college counterparts. An example of this is the Seattle’s Seahawks fans which are notoriously known as the “12th man”. These Seattle fans are known to be some of the loudest in all of sports. In fact in 2013 they set a record of about 137.6 decibels with a CenturyLink Field record of 66,387 fans. This “12th man” has also had a very positive affect on the Seahawks record because while Russell Wilson has been the starting quarterback of the team they have notched a 19-2 record at home,...

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