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Sports Media Plan
Prepare a report between 3,000 and 4,000 words (word count excludes contents page, tables, appendices and bibliography). Over-length work will be penalised - a deduction of 10 marks will be applied to work that is 20% or more over the word limit. You must state your word count on the front of your submission.

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Introduction 4
Inter-relationship between sport and the media in the modern world/ 5
Advantages and disadvantages of sport and media relationship

Media Management Tools 13
• Managing Social Media
• Sport & Media Sponsorship
• Audio & Visual Broadcasting

Conclusion 16

References 18


“For the first time our turnover in one year has more than one billion dollars” Blatter told the press.

“The market trust South Africa,” he added, referring to lucrative television and marketing deals in the years running up to the first ever finals to be staged in Africa, which kick off on June 11 2010 by President of FIFA Joseph Sepp Blatter.

Andrews (2005) shared that the reasons are obvious on why sport is so attractive to the media in this modern era. It was elaborated that sports news now share the same status with hard news like having the same number of pages in printed media sources or airtime in virtual, audio or visual sources. The importance of media with relation to sports have gel together as closely as cited in the above source when huge percentage of the income from FIFA World Cup 2010 comes from lucrative television and marketing deals. Therefore, expectations from sport media consumers have a definite benchmark on their favorite professional sporting events such as The Summer and Winter Olympics Games, 1st Singapore Youth Olympics Games or the F1 race and missing out those lucrative broadcasting rights and global coverage in the sports pages is like losing the business to other competitors.

The 1st Singapore Youth Olympics Games illustrated a well-broadcasted sporting event using various media tools like television channels, radio, papers and internet; which gained a lot of publicity in the region during the 14 days of the game. Numerous YOG 2010 articles portrayed the reaction of sport consumers to this event. The game is broadcasted on a daily basis in various media mentioned which described that sport and the media have strong relationship which influence one another in many aspects. The organising committee also makes the extra effort to update the preparation of the game months before the event like having preliminary game advertisement billboard setup at shopping and central business district of Singapore.

The writer for this media report will breakdown and examine the relationship between sport and the media into three different levels which comprises of international, clubs and recreational levels. The benefits and disadvantages of both sides for each level will be further be explained with sports played in the East Asia Continent and International Events held recently. Media management tools will be utilized further to enhance on this report on traditional media and social media which has greatly transformed the media scene for the last decade.


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