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Spring Break Essay

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The first time I ever travelled to Florida was when I was only a year old. It was on this trip that I was bitten by a pelican, because the bird thought my tiny shoeless foot was a fish. We still tell that story and laugh, even after 16 years. Since that trip, we’ve travelled to multiple places in and out of the country, and in each place we’ve travelled I have so many fond family memories, like that one, that I hold near to my heart. But I’d like to branch out and make some similar memories of my own. Mom and Dad, please allow me to take a spring break trip to Florida with three of my close friends. I know your thoughts right off the bat: NO WAY. You hear all of the crazy stories about teens ...view middle of the document...

I’ve never done anything that has caused you to lose trust in me, and I don’t plan on losing your trust now.
Now I know what you’re thinking, sure you can trust me, but a flight to Florida would just be too expensive. Well first of all, this trip wouldn’t be an expense to you. I’m one hundred percent willing to pay for my own ticket. And as the responsible young adult that I am, I even looked up where I can get the cheapest plane tickets. If we flew out of Rockford International Airport, through Allegiants Airlines, a round trip ticket to Ft. Myers with no stops would be only $450. This price is significantly lower than if we were to fly out of Dane County Regional Airport, through American Eagle Airlines, where the same ticket would cost $1,254. With the money I make from my two jobs plus babysitting money, saving up for this $450 plane ticket would be no problem at all. We’ve flown through this airport almost every time we’ve travelled as a family, so you guys know why I would choose to fly from there. Although Rockford is a lot farther of a drive than just going to Madison, not only are the prices more reasonable, but the Airport is a lot smaller, therefore less busy.
Lastly, I plan on making this trip as safe as possible. We would stay at grandma and grandpa’s vacation home in Punta Gorda. Punta Gorda is ranked 16th out of the 453 other Florida cities in residents that are the ages 65 and older. This is about as far from the whole “party scene” that you’re...

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