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Service Request SR-kf-013 Week 2
Team D
June 15, 2015
Dr. Cheryl Mason

Service Request SR-kf-013 Week 2

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a specialty food store located in the upscale metropolitan area of San Diego, CA. In an effort to boost revenue, KFF is seeking to launch a shopper rewards program. These types of systems are very common in most grocery store chains around the world offering discounts on in store products, however KFF is determined to cater to the demographic of their shoppers by taking this program a step further. The system specific to KFF needs includes a reward points system designed to provide the customer exclusive offers on both in store products ...view middle of the document...

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
CFO will need to manage account overview to properly fund the new program. They will be required to brief the CEO and COO as required. They will need to be able to print and email reports out to appropriate parties on the program status.

Executive Vice Presidents (EVP) and Vice Presidents (VP)
EVP’s and VP’s need to be able to see reports on how well the program is running and how well their individual departments are doing in getting the program up and running.

Information Technology (IT) department
The IT department will need to design and build a new system that will be incorporated in to the current system. The system will need to support electronic (email and online) and printed applications. The system will also need to support an online redemption section where the customers can review their points and also order their rewards online. IT will also need to provide technical support on the new system.

Marketing and Sales
A new spot on the receipt will have to be incorporated to show the customer how many points they have. Sales and Marketing will need to produce a list of rewards and what their point value is. They will also need to come up with a starting date for the program. Brochures or emails will need to go out to all current customers to inform them of the new program.


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