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A team is built by selecting people from various backgrounds. A team leader or an organizer develops a team considering the role that suits the personality, specialty and interest level of the members. If an organization develops a team with a view of Tuckman’s theory of team development and Belbin’s team roles, then team members who act like strangers come to work together to achieve common goal become successful in no time.
The first stage of team development is forming. In this stage, team members are anxious because of unclear responsibility and objectives. Since they are from different fields, they do not develop trust each other. A team leader plays a crucial role in this stage. ...view middle of the document...

The idea of team is to make work simple and easy to achieve desired goal by diving work and sharing knowledge. Belbin’s team role theory is very influential and works as a starter to develop the roles within the groups. Belbin has identified nine team roles that help to identify strength and weakness of the group members (Belbin, 2010). Listing the weakness of a team member helps to manage a team.
Planter is one of the thought oriented role of a team. Planters are originator, thinker, problem solver and unorthodox. In a tough situation, planters are the first person to ask for the solution. In the weakness side, planter may lose the connection with outside realities and ignores practical subject. Another role of team is monitor evaluator. Monitor evaluators are fair people making unbiased judgment with proper analysis and slow movement (Belbin, 2010).
Team work is not only a task, but also an activity where different personalities coming together to achieve a common goal. Almost every team has confident people who go through the objectives of a task in detail. They delegate work by recognizing the abilities of other members. In a Belbin’s team role they are called coordinators. Coordinator may allege as controlling because they tend to allocate tasks to others leaving less work for themselves (Belbin, 2010). Another significant role is resource investigators, who are enthusiastic and good in networking. They explore new opportunities and thoughts by developing communication outside the contacts and get new ideas from them. They often have tendency to lose interest and forget to pursue guidance of the leader (Belbin, 2010).
Similarly, a team has implementers who are punctual in delivering job and have knowledge of developing strategies effectively. However, implementers are unable to adjust in new rules and respond slowly in new situations (Belbin, 2010). Furthermore, a team is handicapped without team workers, who are good listeners. As a team gives an opportunity for members to come together and bond, sometimes conflicts take place between members. In this situation, team workers look on conflicts that are aroused inside the team without stimulating other. They do not give opinion and tend to avoid critical situation (Belbin, 2010).
Lastly, a team has challenger, shaper, who works under pressure. They encourage team to be on the track to reach goal. They are often perceived as insensitive people. Moreover, there exist specialists in a team who are expert, dedicated and knowledgeable in their field who like to work independently. They bring high level of skill and knowledge in their specialized work. They are technically knowledgeable, focused and show less interest in general issues (Belbin, 2010).
In the study done by Irmajean et al. (2012), teamwork was started by getting along with each other. All the members sat together to discuss on topic such as appreciation, culture, conversation and team agreement. Team members provided...

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