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Standard Human Essay

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Philosophy and World-view and Thought of Standard Human

Standard Human is a new school of thought based on respecting the view points of others with the goal of an international life based on peace and international unity of human beings. A Standard and model Human respects all religions and accredited and known human beliefs as we are all human beings and have the right to choose. All religions and accredited and known human beliefs have to be respected at their ideal form and all their honest, pure and righteous followers are respected humans, so a standard and model human is one who maintains and practices his own rite but at the same time respect other people with other religions and ...view middle of the document...

Hence the only hope for followers of various human religions and beliefs to attract more followers and reaching the ideals of their belief and ritual is sublime and refined behavior not prejudice and imposing their thoughts which would only scare away honest people from religion and ignorant lining up of prejudiced followers against each other that would cause conflicts in the universal society. This is why standard human is clearheaded and literate.

Standard human considers religion and rite law abiding and enjoying social and spiritual regulations which would regulate and elevate the thoughts, beliefs and social and individual life of him, giving him a sense of humanity and salvation.

Each man has to practice the fundamentals of his religion and belief to help him reach salvation and humanity. The standard human is a believer in implementing the instructions of his religion, and at the same time respects sanctities of other religions.

Standard Human (believing in God or any other belief in regards to Him) looks upon God from two points of view:
First of all He is considered as the power that has created him and the entire universe, so he kneels down to His power and thanks Him for all His bounties. By worshipping Him, he hopes for salvation and deliverance. Secondly, he has realized God is the only name that is worshipped and the only entity and credit that the majority of mankind has a spiritual link with and considers only Him as their common and unifying point, not a name, group or an individual. As a result he considers the supreme permanent rite for his life, the rite that consists of believing in God which has been complied in an assembly made up of representatives from all human religions and beliefs, an assembly whose permanent and eternal leader is God and its law only speaks of justice, honesty, righteousness and respect and its members are selected from all wakes of the human race who practice the justice accredited by the religions and people of the world. Hence his belief in God would bring him and all mankind unity, peace and friendship. This is the essence of peace and human unity and reverting to a single deity something mankind has not fully grasped or practiced and this is why he has not succeeded in reaching the peace he is worthy of.

The belief in God as the only deity and the only source that inspires truth gains importance since faith in Him reinforces the common bonds and unity of all the human beings, in the same way common human principles of religions leads to the bonding together of all the teachings of religions and beliefs. This is while, the scattering of religious groups in the world because of taking individuals as objects of worship leads to schism in the universal society of humans. Dissension within the world society prevents mankind from supporting humanitarian...

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