Standards For Quality Review

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Standards for Quality Schools

AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools
Standard 1: Purpose and Direction
The school maintains and communicates a purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning as well as shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning.

Standard 2: Governance and Leadership
The school operates under governance and leadership that promote and support student performance and school effectiveness.

Standard 3: Teaching and Assessing for Learning
The school’s curriculum, instructional design, and assessment practices guide and ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning.

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Standards for Quality Schools

Standard 2

Governance and Leadership
The school operates under governance and leadership that promote and support student performance and school effectiveness.
IndIcator 2.1
The governing body establishes policies and supports practices that ensure effective administration of the school.

IndIcator 2.2
The governing body operates responsibly and functions effectively.

IndIcator 2.3
The governing body ensures that the school leadership has the autonomy to meet goals for achievement and instruction and to manage day-to-day operations effectively.

IndIcator 2.4
Leadership and staff foster a culture consistent with the school’s purpose and direction.

IndIcator 2.5
Leadership engages stakeholders effectively in support of the school’s purpose and direction.

IndIcator 2.6
Leadership and staff supervision and evaluation processes result in improved professional practice and student success.

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Standards for Quality Schools

Standard 3

Teaching and Assessing for Learning
The school’s curriculum, instructional design, and assessment practices guide and ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning.
IndIcator 3.1
The school’s curriculum provides equitable and challenging learning experiences that ensure all students have sufficient opportunities to develop learning, thinking, and life skills that lead to success at the next level.

IndIcator 3.2
Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are monitored and adjusted systematically in response to data from multiple assessments of student learning and an examination of professional practice.

IndIcator 3.3
Teachers engage students in their learning through instructional strategies that ensure achievement of learning expectations.

IndIcator 3.4
School leaders monitor and support the improvement of instructional practices of teachers to ensure student success.

IndIcator 3.5
Teachers participate in collaborative learning communities to improve instruction and student learning.

IndIcator 3.6
Teachers implement the school’s instructional process in support of student learning.

IndIcator 3.7
Mentoring, coaching, and induction programs support instructional improvement consistent with the school’s values and beliefs about teaching and learning.

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Standards for Quality Schools

Standard 3: Teaching and Assessing for Learning

IndIcator 3.8
The school engages families in meaningful ways in their children’s education and keeps them informed of their children’s learning progress.

IndIcator 3.9
The school has a formal structure whereby each student is well known by at least one adult advocate in the school who supports that student’s educational experience.

IndIcator 3.10
Grading and reporting are based on clearly defined criteria that represent the attainment of content knowledge and skills and...

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