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Stanford Essay

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Below is one of Ben's essays for his Stanford application. We present the essay in its original form, with just cosmetic changes made to protect the author's identity. We then provide comments and suggestions, based on the advice available in Your MBA Game Plan. The question that he answers in this essay is: What are your short-term and long-term career aspirations? How will an MBA education further your development? Why does the academic experience offered at the Stanford GSB appeal to you? (Unlimited length)

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On the decisive meeting before the Commanding Officer, the Team Leader of the other group presented his solution in a brilliant way. He didn't speak about technical details of his solution: instead he presented such a persuasive analysis why his solution is the better one, while succeeding to properly correlate this solution with the current needs and perspectives of our unit in particular and IDF Intelligence Corps in general, that his proposal was immediately accepted. His solution wasn't necessarily the best one, but he knew how to "market" it wisely and took the trophy. Keeping this in mind, I thought about another common analysis of the IT professional which doesn't contribute to one's ability to become a successful manager: computer professionals are presumed to have excellent technical and quantitative skills together with lacking basic communications and interpersonal skills and being not wellrounded. In a sum, computer professional is usually presented as a strange fellow wearing big glasses who doesn't care about anything besides computers. Since I wasn't willing to become such a person (and I'm not wearing glasses till today), I've decided to study Law instead of Computer Sciences or Applied Electronics which was the traditional choice for people with similar background. I wanted to study how to express myself well (both in oral and written way) and how to conduct a persuasive argument instead of deepen my technical skills. Therefore, in parallel with my job at Mobile Solutions I've started my studies towards Bachelor of Law degree at Tel Aviv University and finished it in July, 2001. Mobile Solutions was a small start-up company founded by talented and charismatic entrepreneur. I directed a group of IT professionals and was responsible for company's complex IT infrastructure. Despite excellent managerial and technical staff, after 4 years of operation the company failed to meet shareholder's expectations and was closed at the end of 1999. That was the fist time when I was met with the issues of senior management responsibility. Was it right to say that the company was mismanaged, like most of ex-employees claimed after being fired? (Ironically enough, before that most of them warmly supported all decisions of the senior management). What made the company which promised to be an enormous success with $20M investments from such giants as Motorola and Alcatel a colossal failure? What skills and abilities did Mobile Solutions’ Senior Management lacked to successfully navigate the company in a tough modern business reality? I was not in the position of being part of a Senior Managerial team responsible for strategic decisions which determined company's faith. The answers for these questions were still a mystery to me... My next job was Information Systems director at a development department of Worldwide Data Systems Israel, a subsidiary of Worldwide Data Systems (WDS). I was responsible over a larger group of IS specialists than in...

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