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Companies today face a great deal of pressure from factors beyond their influence, and thus always strive to find new ways of coping with internal and external factors in order to stay ahead of the game. Starbucks is a very good example of a company that uses many factors to stay on top of the market, and illustrates how a company can stay at the forefront in its prolonged effort to be a leader in the coffee business. Starbucks was founded in 1971, and in 1987 had 17 stores, but by the end of 2006, Starbucks had12, 440 stores world-wide. Their total net revenue for 2006 was $7.8 billion. By examining Starbucks’ rate of progress, one can see they must be doing something ...view middle of the document...

In order for management to do this effectively, it has to be realistic and comprehensive.

Getting organized is the second function of management. Management must organize all its resources in order to implement the course of action it determined in the planning process. Through the process of getting organized, management will determine the internal organizational structure; establish and maintain relationships, as well as allocate necessary resources.
In determining the internal structure, management must look at the different divisions or departments, the coordination of staff, and what is the best way to handle the necessary tasks and disbursement of information within the company. Management will then divide up the work that needs to be done, determine appropriate departments, and delegate authority and responsibilities.

The third function of management is leading. Through leading, management is able to influence and oversee the behavior of the staff in achieving the company's goals, as well as assisting them in accomplishing their own personal or career goals. This influence can be gained through motivation, communication, department dynamics, and department leadership.
Employees that are highly motivated generally go above and beyond in their job performance, thereby playing a vital role in the company achieving its goals. For this reason, managers tend to put a lot of focus on motivating their employees. They come up with reward and incentive programs based on job performance and geared toward the employees' needs.
Effective communication is vital in maintaining a productive working environment, building positive interpersonal relationships, and problem solving. Understanding the communication process and working on areas that need improvement help managers to become more effective communicators. The best way to find areas that need improvement is to periodically ask themselves and others how well they are doing.

Controlling is the last of the four functions of management. It involves establishing performance standards based on the company's objectives, and evaluating and reporting actual job performance. Once management has done both of these things, it should compare the two to determine any necessary corrective or preventive action.
Management should not lower standards in an effort to solve performance problems. Rather they should directly address the employee or department having the problem. Conversely, if limited resources or other external factors prohibit standards from being attained, management should lower standards as needed.
The control process, as with the other three, is ongoing. Through controlling, management is able to identify any potential problems and take the necessary preventative measures. Management is also able to identify any developing problems that need to be addressed through corrective action.
Four Functions In Starbucks (P.O.L.C)
Planning is the...

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