Starbucks Case Study

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Starbucks Structure
MGT 330 Management for Organizations
Christopher T Holmes
Instructor: Willetra Brittian
June 30, 2014

When you start your day, it usually is started with a cup of coffee that is brewed and purchased from your local supermarket. Coffee is the most drink beverage after tea around the world. In most places, coffee is drink in a social environment and is shared amongst friends and family. Here in America coffee was a beverage that was used in the starting of your day. Coffee was mostly consumed by the average worker in the mornings to start off their day and purchased at local supermarkets. This coffee was mostly inexpensive and of premium grade. Howard Schultz ...view middle of the document...

One job description I would look into creating for Starbucks would be Product Expansion Specialist. Baack, Reilly, & Minnick (2011) cited “One major aspect of creating a company’s organizational structure involves designing jobs at all levels of the hierarchy. Documenting the types of jobs the company needs to complete its objectives is the first step in the job design process” (section 3.2, para 1). Starbucks Product Expansion Specialist job description would read like this.
Job Description
As a Starbucks Product Expansion Specialist, you would look at new partnerships, innovate ways and product expansion that would be used at getting Starbucks quality beverages and products to the customers more readily and conveniently. Looking a new locations that would benefit store growth and minimalized store saturation in a given area.

You will be responsible for expanding Starbucks products through partnerships and new ventures and acting in accordance with Starbucks guiding principles and best of all, you’ll be part of a company that is consistently rated as a great place to work and people here love what they do.
Summary of Key Responsibilities
Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:
* Acts with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture, values and mission of Starbucks
* Anticipates customer and store needs by constantly evaluating environment and customers for patently growth of products to customers
* Innovative in scanning market for new ventures and partnerships that delivery Starbucks products to the customer.
* Contributes to positive team environment by recognizing changes in the market and new products that may become a competition and communicating that to higher headquarters.
* Analyzing store growth and minimalizing store saturation in an area by reporting to higher headquarters.
Summary of Experience
* Must have a least three years’ experience in product development and sales
Required knowledge, skills & Abilities
* Must have a Bachelor degree or higher or 5 years product development and sales experience

What form of departmentalization should Starbucks use? Baack et al. (2011) “Departmentalization is an organizational tool that involves placing various jobs into individual departments or divisions including accounting, marketing and production” (section 3.3, para. 1). Currently, Starbucks uses a Departmentalization by Geographic Region. This is helpful in that Starbucks is divided by territories or regions and have district managers. This seems to serve Starbucks well due to the same products that are being offered to its customers. I strongly believe that this form should be changed to departmentalization by customer where offering food products and lunch to its customers would greatly benefit the company. Baack et al. (2011) states “Many companies offer the same product to divergent customers… This form of...

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