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Starting Up A Business Essay

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Mission 5

Company Social Responsibility 5




Turning weaknesses into strengths 9

Maintaining and improving strengths 10


Analysis of Objectives 10

Business Plan 11





The present assignment provides a report based on analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective development of NEW LINE STEAM WASH LTD within its business environment.

Methods of analysis include SWOT analysis, Porter’s ...view middle of the document...

5 million of them in this country. London has 748,000 enterprises, more than any other region and a 45.3 per cent of those businesses are registered for VAT and/or PAYE. Lastly, the number of sole proprietorships increased by 87,000 in 2010 and the number of companies, 6,000.

(Department of Business Innovation and Skills, 2011)


This report is based on a small business enterprise which belongs to the cleaning service industry in the UK. The selected business has been NEW LINE STEAM WASH LTD.

NEW LINE STEAM WASH is a limited company by share capital, registered the 30th of May 2012, located in London, and its director is Carlos Hernán Tamayo Escobar. The value of the company is £9000 in assets such as a vehicle and machinery. There are 6 employees so far, and they have been working in the company since April 2012.

New Line Steam Wash LTD. provides cleaning services in London, more specifically in Camden Town. The core services they offer are Mobile Car Wash, Home Cleaning and Office Maintenance. The cleaning method used is hot steam which is more effective to eliminate stains, dirt and grease, sterilise odours and any other contaminants from different types of surfaces. (New Line Steam Wash LTD, 2012)


Our mission is to provide the best cleaning service at a reasonable price, working towards a minimum environmental impact. (New Line Steam Wash LTD, 2012)

Company Social Responsibility

• Our business system enables a group development, satisfying clients and personnel at the same time in a win-win relationship through our training program which allows good communication and positive feedback to keep improving the quality of the service.

• Minimising the impact on the environment has been established as a culture and practice within our organisation, by which the company has always been looking for new methods to minimise the use of resources and in turn optimise our productivity.

• The company´s most valuable resource is our employees, who serve our clients with dedication. Therefore, it is a top priority to ensure their health and safety. Our foundation is that a healthy workforce and safe processes and equipment are the necessary tools to deliver quality in the service and a healthy and fresh image of the organisation. (New Line Steam Wash LTD, 2012)


The SWOT analysis is an analytical tool used in the business community to assess a business in relation of other competitive businesses. It is a quick way to look at the current environment as well as what the future may hold. Hall, R. (2003)

According to Pahl, N. and Richter, A. (2007) the SWOT analysis is an important tool which helps the decision-making process as well as identifying dependencies between a company and its environment. It sets a framework which enables to review a strategy, identify the position and direction of the company. Although, the SWOT analysis is a...

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