Stategic Management Essay

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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Graduate School of Business


The course starts on 7th February 2015. The first class will be a full lecture session. The subsequent classes will require groups (of two students) to make their respective presentations on their selected company.

Most classes are on Saturdays from 8.30 -11.30 am


This course focuses on some of the important elements of strategic management. It will concentrate on strategy development and competitive advantage. It is consciously ...view middle of the document...

Critically analyse an organization’s mission statement and make recommendations for improvement;
2. Analyse the critical external environmental factors and prioritize them through a rational process;
3. Undertake a critical internal analysis of a company and prioritize the strengths and weaknesses of that company;
4. Synthesise the factors - from the analysis of the external and internal environments (through a SWOT analysis) - to identify alternative strategies to achieve the vision and realize the mission of the company;
5. Apply other models for the generation of alternative strategies. These include:

* Space (the four quadrants)
* BCG (the portfolio matrix) and other portfolio models such as the IE matrix, McKinsey-GE matrix, Grand Strategy matrix
* Porter’s five forces and value chain
* Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) (the four-actions framework and the strategic canvas) and
* Big Think Strategy (the “wow” factor).

6. Consolidate and prioritize the generated strategies from all the six models;
7. Construct an effective implementation plan;
8. Prerequisites for strategy execution including:

* Big Think execution process
* BOS execution process
* 4DX model of execution and
* Balanced Scorecard and

9. Undertake a study on the micro-economics of competition to determine the competitive advantage of a company, industry, city, district, state, nation or a particular geographic location.

Graduate students should be confident in developing strategies regardless of whether they come from the private or public organizations. This is because the processes are quite common to both although the influencing factors might be different. Thus, some adjustments would need to be made in the course of the analysis. Because of the current trend, discussion on business process reengineering and balanced scorecard will be expanded so that the related skills can be acquired.


This course requires and integrates knowledge of the other foundation courses such as management, marketing, finance and operations. The course is made up of the following two major components:

* Strategic planning elements, systems and processes
* Approaches to competitive advantage – resources, industries and location

The strategic planning process will consume the most time. It begins with an environmental analysis - both general and industrial - through the generation of strategic alternatives and choice decisions, to strategy execution.

The competitiveness aspect of the course explores the determinants of national and regional competitiveness building from the perspective of firms, clusters, subnational units, nations, and groups of neighboring countries. It focuses on the sources of national or regional productivity, which are rooted in the strategies and operating practices of locally based firms, the vitality of clusters, and the...

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