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Statement Of Intent Essay

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I am highly motivated to pursue further studies in agricultural and resource economics at Kasetsart University. My strong interest in agriculture and the business of agriculture and its relation to economic development . Agriculture is the backbone of my country Ghana, supplying food for the nation's population. It is part of a massive business sector that provides many opportunities for the masses of people.

In light of this, I would like to explore research frontiers in the area of the challenges of managing food and farm businesses in a global setting of the 21st Century. In our society beleaguered by agricultural problems that ranges from economic to environmental problems such as weather and global warming, issues concerning trade and management of agricultural enterprises has been the topic of debate for the past decade. Many developing/poor countries who earn their living from ...view middle of the document...

Economic and financial hardships have plunged developing countries as a result of poor agricultural policies.

My research objective is to create a model that includes the development of theoretical, methodological and practical guidelines in optimizing the application of investment, production and financial resources in agricultural business; guidelines on development of investment projects and business plans; mechanisms of developing effective motivation systems at agricultural enterprises, services and resources; tools of marketing research in the markets of food commodities, agricultural services, etc.
This will not only relieve developing countries of economic and financial hardships, but it will also help eradicate abject poverty in developing countries. In achieving my research objective both qualitative and quantitative research methods will be used. The assessment will aim at recommending dynamic strategic reforms. The study will also make use of statistical data on agriculture and resource management to evaluate the trends and ascertain the current and future challenges in the sector of agriculture. I envision that the project will help outline proposals for addressing the challenges of the agricultural sector in developing countries.

The academic knowledge and expertise I have acquired during the past years will enable me not only successfully complete my program, but also it will help me accomplish my research project in a way that contributes significantly to practice.
My career objective is to become a manager economist of a large-scale public and private enterprise.With the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics endowed with the best and experienced professors, I believe that Kasetsart University is the ideal place to conduct my research work. I am sure I will exceed your expectations and will enrich the program by enabling fellow students and professors to benefit from my contribution to the academic arena. My international background and interdisciplinary education will add more diversity to your program. Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to your positive response.

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