Statistical Analysis Of Sales

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Tom’s Classic Mustangs
Statistical Analysis of Sales
Leadership and Organizational Behavior

We have been asked to analyze nine different variables to determine what if any, relationship they may have against the selling price of used Ford Mustangs at Tom’s Classic Mustangs. We have been provided data for the last 25 Mustangs sold by Tom’s. Please see Appendix A for the raw data.
We will be taking the data for each variable, determine a hypothesis between the variable and the selling price, then test to prove or disprove the hypothesis. A conclusion will be drawn from the test.
Finally, after all the variables have been tested against the selling ...view middle of the document...

Error |3541.151 |Dep. Var. |PRICE | | |
| | | | | | | |
|ANOVA table | | | | | | |
|Source |SS |df |MS |F |p-value | |
|Regression | 72,887,081.1429 |1 |72,887,081.1429 |5.81 |.0216 | |
|Residual | 413,811,868.4000 |33 |12,539,753.5879 | | | |
|Total | 486,698,949.5429 |34 |  |  |  | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
|Regression output | | | |confidence interval |
|variables | coefficients |std. error | t (df=33) |p-value |95% lower |95% upper |
|Intercept |7,281.2000 |708.2303 | 10.281 |8.05E-12 |5,840.2946 |8,722.1054 |
|CONVERT |3,194.4000 |1,324.9775 | 2.411 |.0216 |498.7129 |5,890.0871 |

Conclusion: The P-value of 0.0216 is smaller than our significance level of 0.05. Therefore, we reject the null and accept the alternate hypothesis. We conclude that there is a significant relationship between the variable of convertible and the selling price.

Variable 2
Transmission type against selling price

Null hypothesis: There is no relationship between transmission type and selling price.
Alternate hypothesis: There is a relationship between transmission type and selling price.

|Regression Analysis | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| |r² |0.022 |n |35 | | |
| |r |0.147 |k |1 | |...

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