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Statistics can be used in a professional setting can be a key communicator in how employees and patients are doing or feeling. Working with many types of statistics companies can help a faculty in working out numbers for were they are in the healthcare field. Today, the healthcare field is a very demanding and competitive environment.While doing looking at research regarding strategies used in making our facility one of the tops in then nation. I found my current position working in the catherization lab leads our hospital. In accomplishing our goals, the advantage because of the data we are currently collecting. Collecting information for the last four years in the cardiac catheterization ...view middle of the document...

The facility compares their information with the national benchmark and is recognized by JCAHO and the FDA.As a result of the ACC; efforts myocardial infarction data from the hundreds of hospitals across the country, will come together into one standardized benchmark for analyzing treatments and improving quality care. With the data collected, participants receive Data Quality Reports, which provide data completeness and consistency statistics that facilitate data cleaning efforts required for submission process. ( data reported, to the NCDR are compared as national results pass different types of thresholds. A random sampling of the submitted information are selected each year for review by the board of ACC. Once they have selected a case and reviewed it the board presents it at a national meeting for the ACC and their members.JCAHO core measures track the performances of the hospital included in the data collected. Though JCHO has not made this, to be a part of the ACC/NCDR requirement. They are looking at the statistics from the information and value the cardiac labs participating in their studies and information provided. Though it may be thought one day will be a national standard and requirement for participation.Information currently collected but not in much detail in regards to the right heart catheterizations. Our forms have a place going into detail regarding left heart cath's. After reviewing the form, only a blank is listed for where the right hearts are done and why they are not collected. When doing a right heart catheterization it mostly pertains to the lungs. Patients who receive right heart cath's are being tested for pulmonary hypertension. I am not sure if this is why more information is not being collected because it is a diagnosed and treated as a pulmonary issue (Ryan).Importance of ACC guidelines placed in facilities and along with cardiac physicians. "The AHA and ACC continue to urge that all medical care settings in which these patients are managed organize a specific plan to identify...


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