Statistics And Reseach In Psychology Essay

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Research, Statistics & Psychology
Psy 315
April 15, 2013

Research, Statistics & Psychology
The role of research and statistics in psychology are key parts for development of the field. Research is studying out the facts and information of a subject/topic to come to an understanding about it. It is done through scientific method, a systematic approach to gathering and “proving” information. Primary and secondary data are two collection methods of resources. Primary data deals directly from the original source whereas secondary data is from a second or third party and is not as reliable. Statistics comes in by expressing results in an understandable, usually visual, way. All ...view middle of the document...

It is used to find cause and effect relationships in nature and has six steps ("The Scientific Method", 2013). Step one is to ask a question. The question should be of value, relevance and usefulness about an observation. Step two is research. This is where you gather all the possible information you can about the question, reliable sources are important to utilize. Step three is to construct a hypothesis. Coming up with a hypothesis can be as simple as making an educated guess as to “If I do this, then this will happen”. This step is usually about something that has yet to be fully discovered, answered or could use more explanation. Step four is to test the hypothesis through experimentation. Conducting an experiment to test should be done in a way that isolates the question at hand. This is done by changing one variable while the rest stay the same. Step five is to analyze the data and come up with a conclusion. Step six is to express the results of each step.
Primary and Secondary Data
Primary and secondary data refer to the resources collected in research. Primary data is always original and is collected systematically (Karuna, 2012). It is usually expensive and time consuming. Primary data is more reliable, and extra precautions are not required. It is in the shape of raw material. There is a possible problem with primary data, and that is that it could have personal prejudice. Secondary data on the other hand is less expensive and is easily come by. It lacks originality as it’s collected from other sources that the original. Secondary data must be used with caution and care. Such resources of it may be newspapers, magazines, internet, television, stories told by others, research articles, etc. While secondary data is not as susceptible to personal prejudice, it is less reliable and...

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