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Staying Focused Essay

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Staying Focused
According to Social Media Defined, “Social Media is the future of communication, a countless array of Internet based tools and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information.” In the late 1990’s when AOL Instant Messenger came out and Google Search Engine officially launched, did people ever think that this could be the start of a real world phenomenon? Twenty years ago does not sound like a long time when one looks at the progress technology has already made. Even though some people do not like the distraction of social media or the side effects that comes along with it, social media is here to stay. Technology is not always used in negative ways, it can be ...view middle of the document...

The statistics incorporated into the pictures connects the images to the article. The alarming research supports Friedman’s claim. His use of logos backs up his opinion that people are addicted to social media. He incorporates all three rhetorical appeals to back up his position on social media. This causes Friedman to effectively accomplish his point. He reaches all of his audience and makes it relevant to them. He keeps the reader interested while still establishing his point.
On the other hand, Tom Stafford’s article is lacking a few major components that can make or break an argument. The reader can only see that he is a credible source if they look at his bio on the website. He needs to convince his audience that his ethos is there in his article. The use of logos is lacking as well. He makes very good points about his claim, but he has no evidence to back it up. He has no cited sources or statistics. This can cause the reader to question his claim. It is not effective in convincing the audience to take Stafford’s point of view seriously. His use of pathos does help his article in a positive way. He uses sarcasm and whit to support his claim that everything we do affects our brain, and social media is not the only thing to blame. His article is all opinions. He cannot effectively convince his audience to side with him without supporting evidence.
Comparatively, both articles effectively use pathos. They appeal to the emotions and allow the reader to feel the passion for both writers’ claims. Freidman and Stafford both effectively...

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