Steel Refractories And Technological Progress Essay

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Refractories high temperature industrial service base materials to white fused alumina as raw material, in many high-temperature industrial, steel industry is the most important fire-resistant users, fire-resistant materials in the steel industry accounted for 65% to 70% of the total use. For the refractory steel industry varieties, quality and quantity of demand, in the refractory industry technology development has played a guiding role.
The production of our fireproof materials has been ranked first. In 2009, 1359 fire-resistant enterprises above the scale of 2276 statistics, China's manufacturers, has become a real sense of the first million tons of fire-proof material production.
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Such as: thin slab continuous casting external immersion nozzle, preliminary test, in good condition; clean steel production of various carbon-free or low carbon, silicon-free and low silicon refractory moment of history.
Refractory application of basic research, has made new progress.
Such as: a high alumina bauxite-based, the development of uniform alumina clinker, fused corundum, fused zirconia corundum mullite and spinel; Magnesite-based synthesis, in industrial applications GaoTieMei calcium sand Of a file and to be successful. Research and development of composite materials based on the research and development of aluminum oxide-silicon carbide-silicon quality products and applications in the success of ceramic cups of blast furnace; Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology research and development SiAION combined with good effect skateboard, Corundum; Zhengzhou University of oxide-oxide composites research and development, and achieved gratifying achievements, Wuhan University of Technology of steel and refractory materials, the interaction mechanism discussed, the relationship between steel refractory oxygen content, carbon refractory function and Refractory material, steel phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen content, the relationship between the purity of steel smelting, how to choose the appropriate refractory provides a basis.
Gaps and problems
Since the reform and opening policy, after 20 years of efforts, China has a great development of refractory technology, many products have reached or advanced to the international advanced level, has become a major producer of fireproof materials, fireproof material production, basically reached the world Iron and steel industry development needs. However, the overall technical level of our refractories and the international advanced level compared to still a considerable gap, in particular, is still the key part of the need to import refractory products.
With the refractory ironmaking
And the level of foreign blast furnace longevity and system technology is also a gap. Large and medium blast furnace life span is generally 8 to 12 years, the first 15 years. Foreign blast furnace long life, is Japan's longest 20 years and six months. Lining, China microporous graphite brick, microporous aluminum carbide silicon carbide and microporous silica gel just started production and application. In terms of maintenance, the pressure into the wet spray, plastic coating technology patch technology, high-quality materials and the use of high-quality gun mud and the gap between foreign. The relevant refractory research and development of smelting reduction technology, keep abreast of the development of smelting reduction technology. Hot air furnace with silicon dioxide and silicon dioxide and zero expansion of the domestic or blank. Iron slug mud life than foreign refractory ditch.
Refractory for steel making
Slag splashing furnace technology, our country converter activities have reached the...

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