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At What age dose a fetus become a person?When is it unethical to kill a Fetus?These are the questions we have to ask and answer before we can even move onto the question:Should Stem Cell Research be banned?I am doing my talk on stem cell Research. I will be making points on each following.* First I have a quote that I hope explains my opinion* Dr Woo Suk Hwang providing false evidence on stem cell research* Uncurable Disease's becoming Curable* The amount of money Australia could make and how we could lead the world into a Disease free world from VIC* And finally my own beliefs on the subjectParagraph"...research involving human pluripotent stem cells...promises new treatments and possible ...view middle of the document...

Subsequent review by Seoul National University led the Investigation Committee to conclude that the data presented in this 2005 paper was based on only two human stem cell lines, neither of which was came from an embryo created by the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. The Stem Cells that were in the 2005 paper Science came from other sources so the claims have been disregarded. Dr Woo Suk Hwang is not allowed to supply evidence against Stem Cell Research unless it has been approved by another organization. Next I will talk about the Uncurable becoming Curable.This Research is believed to cure the uncurable like Parkinson's Disease, Cancers, Congenital hypogammaglobulinemia (an inherited immunodeficiency disorder), Damaged spinal cords, Alzhemeimers Disease. People with these diseases believe that this is their one and only hope. People like Chris Reeves, Mohammed Ali are the main public leaders for this bill to be pushed through. Chris Reeves suffers from Parkinson's Disease and can not walk and I don't think that he can talk. If Stem cell research is allowed this might able Chris Reeves to talk, walk and eventually run. People with spinal cord injuries will be able to do the stuff they could do before they got the injury. My next point is on the Melbourne based Bio21, Stem Cell Research.International Stem Cell Research Leader Cygenics will expand its Melbourne based research so that the company can grow and differentiate Adult Stem Cell growth.By 2012, Jain Pharma of Biotech estimates that overall global demand for stem cell transplants will reach US$7.8 billion. The scientists that are involved in this believe that they can get the stem cells from umbilical cord blood, grow them in simulated...

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