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Steps To Writing A Grant Proposal

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Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal
The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is a nonprofit organization based out of Portland, Oregon whose mission is to reduce victim trauma, empower survivors, and promote recovery through direct services based out of Portland, Oregon. Over the last 5 years there has been growing cases of domestic and youth violence, road rage incidents, and spousal and child abuse happening within the metropolitan city. PEACE wants to be able to reduce these cases by challenging the social norms and beliefs that condone the violence while also educating the community about the growing problem.
PEACE has two separate programs that provide founding to nonprofits:
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The abstract statement also would include general details such as the name of the agency which would be the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency, the type of organization which is nonprofit organization, the location and setting of the project which is Portland, Oregon. Other components to include in the abstract section are the purpose and objectives of the project, including the specific interventions for the project, and including statistics.
The table of contents would follow this part of the grant proposal would provide the reader a form of map to see the outline on what the grant proposal will provide as they read. It should be made clear and comprehensible in order for the reader to use it as a reference if they may turn back to look at other parts of the grant proposal. The table of contents can serve as a guide for the writer as well it can be a rough draft that can be put together after the proposal has been finished and will map out the sections.
Following the table of contents would be the specific aims section. This section could be referred to as the needs and problem statement, the background, and significance review. In this part the writer should present their case on what the agency has been doing and with PEACE they aim of the proposal would be to promote the well being of the victims that have been affected by domestic violence, improve the quality of life for those that have been affected imprisonment, and to provide a rehabilitation program that would enable young people to lead a successful life. The aims need to explain how PEACE plans to help the people in the community of Portland to improve their lives that have been affected by different situations such as domestic violence, imprisonment, and to seek help in a rehabilitation center in order to lead succeed lives and empower themselves. The needs and problem statement would be included in this section of the grant proposal.
The needs and problem statement is explained by Coley and Scheinberg (1990) to provide a useful outline for the write up. The following is a sample of the needs and problem statement for the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency program.
The metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon has seen an increase in the number of reports of violence both domestic and youth related. The situation has worsened over the last five years, the community background and the situation the people have been going through has made the community a more harmful place. The lack of education involving the different types of violence whether domestic or youth related has played part on this problem. This problem affects children from early childhood into adulthood. The growing cased of youth violence can lead into domestic violence if there is no proper help given to the community. This is where the PEACE Domestic Violence agency can step in and promote a better well being to the youth and victims of domestic violence. They will reduce the chances of domestic violence in the...

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